Healthy Lunch Hacks! Quick Easy Lunch Ideas for Work, School & Home. These healthy meals are great weight loss so you can fill up and keep fit. Thumbs up for more quick, easy and healthy meal recipes! Follow the links below to check out Krumbles signature Krumballs!

When life gets busy its hard to focus on weight loss and we often find ourselves looking up how to lose weight fast which is not healthy, and not sustainable in the long term. By opting for healthy alternatives for your favourite meals and snacks, you can cut calories and still satisfy your hunger. These quick and easy lunch hacks are perfect for work, school, the gym or even home and don’t take too much effort when you are on-the-go.







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Hi my name is Ash Jackson and on this channel I plan to post all kids of how to videos such as ‘how to lose baby weight fast’, ‘how to organise your home’, ‘how to create DIY decor and furniture on a budget’, ‘how to eat healthy on a budget’ ‘how to be a stylish mum on a budget’, ‘how to meal plan for your family’, how to create healthy family meal plans’, ‘how to workout at home with kids’ and much more. I also do Australian Family Daily Vlogs with my Aussie Vlogging Family on our separate Young Family Vlog Channel.



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  2. So glad I found your channel!! I can't stop watching all these videos! I don't have kids yet, but I know Ill be using a few of these things when I do!! 🙂 LOVE!!

  3. lol i see what you were saying in your Q&A video about your hands being shakey, but look at you now, your subscribers have tripled in the past month! thats impressive! much love <3 <3

  4. Looks like I'm trying out the rice thing soon lol One of my fav quick lunch meals is a sandwich, which is made of dark rye bread,squashed avocado,spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes (+salt and pepper if needed). I'm not vegetarian,so if I have a few extra minutes,I'll top this with an egg boiled without its shell.

  5. I made the zucchini one, but before i put it in the microwave i added a little grated cheese instead of the pesto 🙂 So good!!

  6. But if you are breastfeeding surely you want to be eating more than 300 calories for lunch! not healthy for you or the baby!!! Eat more ahaha

  7. I loved this video and your channel 💗 just subbed ☺️ I would appreciate it if you could check out my channel and let me know what you think. 😊

  8. Just found your channel and its awesome! I love your videos 🙂 but Ash, you were really shaking showing the ingredients, are you okay sweetie?

  9. I've only discovered you today and I'm delighted I did ☺️ your channel is so interesting and your kids are so adorable 💗💗

  10. Hey Ash, I noticed in this video you were saying you would love to get a noodle vege spiraliser. If this spiraliser is similar to my one, the attachment with one slicer on the end that you showed in the video is the noodle one! This attachment has blades going both ways so they come out like thin round noodles 😊 I hope this helps! x

  11. I recently discovered your channel. I really become very amazed to see the way you is awesome.yummy rice noodles soup idea seems to be be so yum…. You are very pretty also.

  12. i do the pasta meal too. i use spiral zucchini ( i got mine from cheap as chips for $8. if Queensland has cheap as chips haha) avocado, pesto & a table spoon of greek yogurt 🙊 makes it creamier xxx

  13. Hey Ash! Just a suggestion, you might want to link your daily vlog channel in this profile! It's not appearing in the channel tab.. I'm a recent new subscriber also from Brissie! Love a local youtuber!

  14. omg don't throw away the other part of the avocado! you can save it for another time by wrapping it in plastic wrap with the seed still attached in it. but other than that. I love your channel and I can't wait for the next upload xoxo