Thumbs up for attempting to eat healthy!! LOL 🙂

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a nutritionist nor am I an “all organic” food eater- I just like these recipes for when I don’t want to eat junk food all day. You are free to change the recipes up as much as you want to fit your needs!

Stuff in video:

sweater: Nastygal
Farberware purple Pots & pans –
Regular Graham crackers (honey maid)
Low fat Greek yogurt(look for one without a lot of calories)
Spiral slicer:
Basil Pesto cream sauce – Target
Morning star blackbean crumbles
Starbucks cup from starbucks
Kroeger fat free hot chocolate

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  1. Just made the zukini pasta! Super bomb but no way it’s gonna be a meal with just one you’re gonna need like 3 or four lmao

  2. I am sooo gonna try the DIY frappacino and I swear my friends are gonna love it but I ain't sharing coz I bet it's gonna be delicious