Welcome EVERYONE 💞 so today I have a #GRWM and I talk about many topics such as : How people treated me after 120lbs weight loss, My Bf , Why I decided to loose weight & MOTIVATION 🙌🏼💪🏼 #2018IsYourYear

Glutes/Leg workout


Weight loss cardio WORKOUTS

Q&A loose skin

What to eat to lose weight | NO DIET

Weight loss Journey | How I lost 120lbs


Arm Day TRANSFORMATION workouts | loose skin

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  1. I've noticed how girls and guys in school never talk to me in class but some how when I'm seen with my best friend who's more well known people would just randomly started talking to me like wow its amazing how people these days think

  2. hey girl! I am so glad I came across your channel because your videos inspire me and motivate me to GET MY SHIT DONE! I love that we are alike because I started gaining "happy weight" when I started dating my boyfriend of 3 years and also started taking birth control which really affected my overall weight. it really sucks thinking about your significant other leaving you because you don't look the same from when you guys first met. Did you end up quitting birth control? keep up the good work and take care 🙂

  3. You look amazing! I am going through this journey! It’s nice to know I’m not alone. I’m new to your channel so I’m not a 100% on everything, but on average how long do you workout for?

  4. Awe ❤️😭 these talks are amazing 😬 omg so inspiring 😭😱💪🏽 girl i just started watching you and its like boom 💥 i gotta hit the gym tomorrow and stop slacking it!! 😭😂💪🏽😎

  5. this is totally unrelated but girl please please please trim the wick on ur candle in the background. the flame is out of control and its spewing black smoke in ur air ur breathing. you can actually see the black smoke. flame shouldnt be that huge. its a fire hazard. be safe and good luck with ur channel. i like it! xoxo

  6. Ugh yes! I can relate to you so much, I got a boyfriend and we’ve been eating good lol that healthy relationship weight and he makes me feel so beautiful and loved and now that I gained a little more weight he’s motivating me so much to work out and your video GIRL! Thank you so much for doing this you’re so inspiring and you’re the reason why I’m getting back on my grind! <3

  7. Thank you so much for making this video! It gave me so much motivation 💯✨. I’m tired of saying , “I’m going to lose weight” and never do it , but this just gave me that extra push 😩🤞🏽

  8. Thank you for being so real! What you said in this video have given me so much motivation. Your story is very similar to my life right now. So much negative thing just been weight me down. I was just telling myself too I can make excuse all day but nothing is going to change if I don't do something about it. Thank you, sometime I just need to hear it from someone else. New Subbie 🙂

  9. New to your channel! You are so inspirational. I myself was over weight. I was going thru a depression & right when i let go of the negativity & learned to love myself, i started losing weight so fast !

  10. Theres been so many other people sharing their tips and sharing experiences on their weightloss journey but none of them have ever motivated me as much as you do literally you make me wanna push through every time i want to quit but thank god there’s someone like you to get me through this 😩❤️ 2018 is my year 💪🏽

  11. girl this video helped me get even more motivated!! i’m currently 215 lbs and i’m trynna get down to 135, i just wanna be healthy and avoid diabetes since it runs in the family. this year i’m getting shit done! i have one question though, i’m wondering if you have any loose skin and if it bothers you in any way? i already know i’m gonna have loose skin on my arms but tbh idk how imma deal with it, i feel like a part of me is gonna be self conscious about it.

  12. This so motivating I really needed this I gained about 30 pounds from middle school to high school I’m a senior now have gained 20 more pounds and flunking not because I’m don’t get the work I’m pretty smart but because I’m not there because I can’t bring myself to get up in the mornings(depression)I beat myself up ALL the time but I’m done with all that because beating myself up is not accomplishing ANYTHING I need-to take ACTION I feel really motivated for the new year now even more thank you for this

  13. I was rethinking going to the gym this morning after work cause I’m on my 3rd 12 and I just wanna sleep, but after seeing this & hearing you say how you have to push yourself and you’ll see results, but push yourself, is gunna make me go. You’re the reason I pushed myself to start my journey FOR REAL THIS TIME & I thank you. I knew what I had to do, but your words really inspired me to push myself