Sweden is an excellent kottbullar region, and Swedish food is a superb ethnic food. At
its best, Swedish meals is excellent, largely meat-, fish- and potato-based, but
varied and usually tasty and filling.

Great Swedish cooking and Farmors kottbullar

Typically classical Swedish cooking includes lots of seafood, herring in
particular; open faced sandwiches; and Swedish meatballs, a smörgåsbord
favorite: Swedish meatballs (köttbullar).

If you equate Swedish food with smorgasbord, meatballs and dill, reconsider! Although they’re great delights, you’ll savor a wide range of tasty, fresh-cooked food in Sweden. However, for people who prefer the authentic taste of Sweden, here’s my favourite recipe:-

<b>Farmors Köttbullar</b>

1lb of minced beef
onion – finely chopped
1 cup of soppy breadcrumbs or oats
1 egg
Milk (about 1/2 decilitre)

Soak oats or breadcrumbs in milk for 1/2 hour
Add mince and mix until smooth and well blended together
Add onion – mix well
Finally add egg and salt and pepper
Roll into little balls and fry in margarine around 10 minutes

Served kottbullar with freshly mashed potato because (potatismos) along with a salad. Enjoy!

Many due to Ulla who shared this genuine Swedish recipe with the family.

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