We’ve pieced together some of our favourite recipes from the channel into one Back to School special – tell us below what your perfect school lunch is?

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  1. As a 17 year old from ohio. I didnt cook that often, but my mamaw has been teaching me and i love watching these because they give me new ideas. Gordon is a master and if he says its good this way, ill be damned if i dont try it

  2. Hi I would love to be a chef , I take home ec at school .Next year I hope to do a exam on cooking/theory and I hope to be a chef when I'm older. Is there any tips on how to get there 😁

  3. “Hey what did your mom make you for lunch”
    “PB&J, how about you”
    “Oh just some homemade baked beans and potato cakes”

  4. Um he put it on the table and was cutting it to eat. He was onky showing easy recipes. That doesn't mean he's fucking making them lunch now dumbass. It wasn't that dark out side damn. Why does it matter?

  5. My school lunch serves disgusting stuff the food are only frozen food they just put the frozen food in the oven or microwave then put it in a paper thing.

  6. i havent eaten all day and i've been watching cooking tutorials by gordon since an hour can anybody, ANYBODY down here imagine how im feeling right now?