Gordon Ramsay cooking a simple and easily prepared, using common ingredients – the perfect meal.
Crispy Salmon (HD): http://youtu.be/0cAFkYm3u1Q
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Stuffed Saddle of Lamb (HD): http://youtu.be/D665AvMbPUI
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  1. Did he just boil broccoli put it in the blender add the broccoli water and put some goat cheese on top lol idk it feels like it was just taste blah

  2. Ridiculously bland. I have no idea what he's talking about when he says it tastes like it has 20 ingredients. It just tastes like broccoli, water, and salt. I had to doctor it up with a bunch of other stuff to make it edible. Does Ramsay even try his own food? Does he watch his videos and see if his techniques can be replicated? He needs to go take a look at Food Wishes with Chef John. Chef John knows how to properly shoot a cooking video with excellent food that can be easily replicated. With Chef John, the camera never leaves the food. You see every little thing he does so you can copy it exactly. These videos are all about Ramsay, not the food.

  3. Made this the other night, So damn good!! Make sure to add seasoning to taste! (Salt pepper). When serving, add a little bit of your fav cheese (i used sharp cheddar) and a spoon full or 2 of sour cream at the top. Best soup i've had in a long time.

  4. So blending broccoli first and letting them sit for 40 minutes helps create sulforaphane, a powerful compound that helps fight cancer.

  5. I tried this and it's bland. I've added quite a bit of salt and pepper and it still felt like it needed something. I also put in pieces of the broccolis stock hoping it would make the broccoli more flavourful. Nope I can't see this being served at a restaurant as there's just not enough flavour to it. I also kept my soup thick as I didnt want to add to much water in fear of diluting my soup and making it taste watery and less flavourful.

  6. I looove this video – learnt so much from just these five minutes! Shows why he is the master and not just any Youtuber (no disrespect intended). Now for a Nice dinner party 😉

  7. to all the peeps saying it tastes like nothing: stop putting all that chemical bullshit into your body and maybe your taste buds start to recover letting you taste natural flavors again…

  8. Just did this and this taste great. I don't know why everyone need to add cream, butter or other things in to broccoli soup. Hell, when i cook from vegetable, i want not only smell but also taste of it. Not shit tons of cream and god know what else. This one is simple, VERY fast and delicious. Really, just Broccoli and salt. That's all.

  9. I finally tried this today. I didn't have any cheese on hand….this was amazing…water salt broccoli and a little olive oil  it took me six mins to prepare

  10. I couldn't get this recipe out of my head and my mom had bought me a handheld blender when she visited me. This is the best broccoli soup I have ever had.

    Now I don't like goat cheese but I bought a soft pepper seasoned goat cheese and with this soup it was very good although I prefer it without it. Not to mention cheaper and healthier and infinitely more delicious than buying Campbells canned soup.

    I'll be making this on a regular basis for sure.

  11. I have tried this recipe, and the soup is delicious, however, the goatcheese is just way too dominant in taste compared to the soup, next time I will skip the goat cheese, and perhaps use mozarella, or some mild cheese, skip the walnuts too, it does not fit to the soup, add some cream, and spare some whole broccoliflowers cooked, to decorate the soup with, otherwise the creamy soup itself without any crunchy details is just too boring.

  12. Just did it, I followed the reciepe to the point, and it tastes like you can imagine watching the video. The blinder is a must, yes… Thanks for this. And yes it taste only broccoli, but with any goat cheese, it will be excellent !

  13. This does taste nice, although reading some of the comments I think I need to cook it a little longer next time. Basically follow the directions a bit better. But we really liked it. I'm happy because it was the second time I've tried making a soup like this from a vegetable, and the first time it tasted good.

  14. I made this tonight for their first time. used my vitamix and it made the soup liquid not a puree as in their video. still good though.