Goji Fun

Goji fun Juice is probably the most popular supplements in the world. Manufactured from the mythical goji fun berry, it’s widely heralded as being the most nutritionally dense food in the world. Thousands of families drink goji fun juice everyday, and also, since the juice is really delicious, many of them simply drink a number of ounces of pure juice.

However, families with young children might want to add more fun thus to their daily intake of goji juice. This is where the imagination is necessary. It’s too boring in order to simply drink goji juice day-after-day, locked in to the same monotonous routine. Where’s the fun in this? By making your child’s daily goji consumption experience fun, they’ll anticipate it and become less likely to forget this important juice. There are numerous fun approaches to consume goji juice, and another of the hottest is by making goji juice popsicles! Below is a good recipe for doing just that…

Goji fun Juice Popsicle Recipe


3 Ounces package of gelatin/Jell-o (choose your chosen flavor)
8 Ounces of goji juice
1 Packet of Kool-Aid (choose your best flavor)
1 Cup of granulated sugar
2 Quarts of water


First, bring the lake to a boil. Next, pour water into a tall pitcher. Combine all the above ingredients, and stir until fully dissolved. Pour into paper cups and a tray in the cups inside freezer. Once the ingredients continue to thicken, add popsicle sticks and put the cups back inside freezer until they’re fully frozen. The result is a freezer stuffed with delicious goji juice popsicles!

A summer favorite, popsicles have already been enjoyed by countless children from the almost a hundred years since they were first introduced. By combining popsicles with all the nutritional benefits associated with goji juice, children learn that maintaining health can also be fun and delicious! And parents can join inside fun too, and maybe reflect on the higher days of their particular childhood.