Taeyeon is the Leader of Girls’ Generation also known as SNSD. When she was just 18 she took on the role of Asias largest Girls group’s leader and in the end it caused her joy and happiness to fade for a while.
Through countless struggles of being a top celebrity Taeyeon found the best way of coping with her sadness was to let her depression fester. Despite struggling the last half a decade she’s always managed to pull herself up and create a bright and promising future for herself. But this winter of 2017 may prove to be her hardest yet.



  1. Thank you for posting this. Taeyeon got me into kpop and it hurts to see that it's almost normal for idols to suffer like this. They shouldn't have to pretend to be happy. Taeyeon's great the way she is, and I hope she's happier now<3

  2. hey thank you for this i appreciate it but theres no need to throw other idols under the bus like Siwon, if you researched properly you'd know that he was just as heavily criticized and had to step out of his activities, also the last bit i have not seen one comment where they are accusing Taeyeon of exploiting the tragic situation, and if there were any i assure you they were called out, dont understand why you had to point out males were getting praised and Taeyeon wasnt, try to be unbiased when pointing out these facts they can be very misleading

  3. The people who comment all of that complete bullshit about her and overall about idols infuriate me. No matter what she does people will find any way to attack her, ANY DAMN WAY. She breaks down in front of a piece of grass:"That fake piece of trsh". She looks blank and upset: "she should at least TRY to act professional". She BREATHES: "uuggg that snake". What is wrong with people? How pathetic do you have to be to take time to write and say such horrible things and just enjoy watching a HUMAN BEING slowly lose themselves and are on the brink of insanity?? I dont care if you dont like her or her music, I myself know absolutely nothing about her or the girl group shes in, but that doesn't mean it's okay or give you the right to completely attack and harass her. Everyone is especially going crazy about the dating thing (for any idol really). Get over yourselves. It is their life and their own privacy, they can choose to do whatever they want. They do NOT owe any of their fans or anyone else ANYTHING. Look, I stan a specific group and if they were secretey dating anybody, any of them, i might not like it at first but at the end of the day it is their happiness and if having someone else makes them happy, then so be it. I would completely understand why they would keep it secret. All throughout this video i wanted to scream at all the people that show such stupidity, ignorance and overall just lack of humanity.

  4. Honestly more needs to be done about cruel lying netizens. They sit alone in their rooms typing horrible words when nothing has actually effected them but ruins the lives of people they write about. Their words have real effects but nothing is done to them.

  5. Jfc when does this girl ever get a break?!? I just want to give Taeyeon a big hug! I think it’s time people learn what RESPECT is and STOP abusing this beautiful young woman!!

  6. Depression is a terrible thing. It constantly haunts you. And no matter what, it always seems to come back even during the happiest times. Taeyeon is a very strong woman. I sincerely hope the best for her.

  7. They are to thick to thin, are lacking of personality, shouldnt talk about their mental dissorder, can't sing, are attention seekers, seem childish because they laugh to much.
    Like what the fuck? They are fucking humans!! How can someone call themselves a fan when they say ya you are to fat loose some weight or i will unstan you. Like seriously?
    They are struggeling too, most of the more than us, like a lot. Let them rest. Let them make their one desiscions and let them live the small piece of privat live that they have because they are dedicating almost all of it to their fans so apreciate it and be happy with what you got

  8. Thank you for this video
    But what you said about siwon was wrong that dog was his father's dog, and he was not forgiven he didn't participate in super juniors comeback promotions because of all the hate, and the family of the women dropped that charges because they said that they were neighbours for along time, and the women who died won't want this to happen, siwon wasn't at fault but his dad because he didn't put a leash on the dog, so please don't don't spread false information.

  9. I love Taeyeon! If she ever watch this video, please know that I support her and want her to be happy. It’s ok to be yourself and sad if you want to because as long as you are ok and are doing well, that’s all that matters. Taeyeon is more than Girl’s Generation leader. She is a human with passion and emotions. I tell her every day on her Instagram that she means the world to me and other sones. Sometimes Instagram won’t let me post because of the content, but all i want to do is support Taeyeon. If she feels alone, talk to her other members. I know Yoona also has depression so maybe she will understand our Taeyeon. Our Taeyeon, please be yourself even if you sad, it’s ok to be sad but don’t be sad for too long. Don’t force a smile if you don’t want to. Do your best. I love you

  10. Thanks for these compiled videos, so now I understand what happened to Taeyeon or may still be happening to her. Why be bothered by these haters and bashers? There are many,many more who love, admire and support her. Those who write negative messages/comments and refuse to understand her depression are not fans at all and should be totally ignored. Fans who are professionals and living overseas love Taeyeon because of her beautiful voice, graceful dancing, and her ability to perform well despite her health concerns and undeserved criticisms. Be strong Taeyeon and please be happy. We love you !!

  11. 12:27 I thought haters wanted Taeyeon to be happy and cheerful. They said they were snakes? Try to live with hates and bad comments about yourself and the group. You know why she’s the most depressed member in SNSD, cuz she’s the leader so she has to make decisions and lead them. But if fans/haters kept on posting bad comments about the group, Taeyeon would feel like it’s all her fault because she’s the leader.

  12. Tiffany also thinned down a lot dealing with everything. I miss baekyeon. I love taeyeon so much and snsd (I'm a full on exol and sm stan). 2014 was such a bad year for sm with everyone leaving and scandals but I still love them

  13. Wtf? Why would people make fun of her depression 🙁 As a depressed ass myself, I feel like I need to punch myself


    🙁 why are people like this
    Why 🙁

    I hate those "fans" driving depressed idols to more depression. I have depression and I cant even take a fuckin shower sometimes because I want to kill myself, life is pointless. These idols are working their asses off every single day and if you have depression you'll know that sounds like a nightmare. This is so offensive. Depression is treated like a made up illness. How many suicide does it take for people to realize that depression is serious. It hurts. Its sad that depressed people have to pretend to be okay. They are not even allowed to seek help. Taeyeon stay strong gurl. I feel like she grieved heavily for Jonghyun because he understood her. Maybe she vents out her feelings to him. Im not even a fan but I respect her so much. Depression is the bitch here. Why the hell did these people blame her for having depression? WHY?! This is giving me triggers, I really want to hug her 🙁 It must have been so hard

  14. The world of kpop is dangerous especially with netizens that think they own the male kpop idols which causes hate on the girl groups. The hate on k-idols have very slowly but little does down and I'm happy but it still upsets me that even with male idols netizens still criticize every chance they get. It really kills me to see the hate on idols have died down ever since Jonghyun's death.. they needed to see someone get so hurt and kill them self in order to stop hating.

  15. I really think that one of the reasons why Taeny have each other is because they have been through the cruel words and scrutinism of the public. While Taeyeon just keeps quiet , Tiffany always smiles , but one thing common in them is that they have been through this pain and yet theyre so strong , of course , they are each other's pillar of support. Taeyeon is one of the strongest , most honest , straightforward and beautiful woman alive. She truly loves her fans and she'd dedicate her youth and life to singing for her fans. She will try her best to not make her fans worry by not showing and saying her struggles and always reassuring them that she is okay. I really hope that people who hated her can think about it. What did she do wrong? She's a talented , beautiful , human being and she owes you nothing. I think the ones that shook her the most were Jessica and Baekyun's issue. Both are stupid cases where fans hate her due to their self-written drama.