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  1. I cut my garlic very thin, I use a razor blade & I also add basil to the dish, it gives it a semi sweet flavor…. For more of my cooking tips & recipes subscribe to me, there's no vids in there as of now, but there surely will be soon, I'm starting my channel very soon and you'll be in on the ground floor for some bodacious eats that're easy to prepare and that're low cost…. Bon Appetit my hungry friends! 😁

  2. this is a tried and true recipe for those who haven't tried simple pastas. I will be making this for New Years 2018. It is always a hit.

  3. I LOVE this recipe and have used it countless times. I’ve tweeted it a bit to make it my own.

    I add prosciutto, arugula, and mozzarella. Then make a balsamic glaze to drizzle on top-PERFECTION!

    Thank you Chef John for constantly coming out with amazing recipes.

  4. I love these simple recipes like this, saggio e burro and peperoncino e olio. The best meals are frequently the cheapest, simplest and healthiest. Only subscribed to your channel yesterday and I think it’s great, your love and passion for your art always comes through.

  5. Sir .. must try ginger honey (the orange ginger pls) tea and gargle warm h2o with salt ( must be in same taste like ocean sea water ) ..

  6. I tried making this one after noon. I didn't make enough noodles for the amount of oil I used. OHwell. You live and you learn. Just wish I didn't have 5 other people being a witness to all these ingredients drowned in oil.

  7. Many thanks for this video..I copied this recipe over a month ago,and have have had this for tea every week since..absolutely beautiful taste..

  8. Thank you it was good also I put some pesto in it . I love watching your food recipes please keep making more videos.

  9. The reason why you rinse your spaghetti it's because your spaghetti is garbage when you boil water with spaghetti in the water is cloudy that's not good spaghetti it has to be clear the water then you know you got good spaghetti quit buying the garbage spaghetti you got to pay at least $2 a pound for good pasta and it's got to come from Italy

  10. I murt d'mamt !(it's a bad Word in south italy)
    I can't sleep anymore ,if i close my eyes I see this gastronomic crime 😢🙈