My version of a Five Guys Cheeseburger! Super easy to make at home with the same results as the original.
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  1. I miss working at five guys great place and the owners were awesome people to meet and you did a awesome job man props to you

  2. I work at five guys and I can confirm that everything is extremely fresh and the meat is never seasoned, and always cooked well done. If you have any questions on how we make a burger or prep just ask away

  3. I tried this and as far as I can tell I followed exactly. Mine was not even close to a 5 guys burger. The only thing that can be different is the actual meat and the bun. Reading the comments looks like this is hit or miss

  4. Big dog, where can i get that smash trough? Thanks man. I love your vids….you the man!!! Question, by the time you put it together and wrapped it in the foil…was it at the same temp as the five guys would serve it? What temp would that be? Also, big dog, i saw your other video on In and Out Burger's Animal Style…doesn't this compare? Whether or not, which do you like better? This Five Guys you just produced or the Animal Style from In and Out…and i am talking about taste? Thanks Big Dog.

  5. "Five Guys Burger Recipe"
    1. Have meat
    2. Have toppings
    3. Have garnishes
    4. Have "gourmet" buns
    5. Have "great deli style" cheese

  6. I work at Five Guys and this is pretty accurate! We just smash down the patties before and after flipping so that it's not so thick like that, but this is really good!