Pancit Bihon-Canton is a great tasting Filipino Noodle dish. It is often served during birthdays and special occasions.
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  1. simple po ate kase kinamay mo eh hehehehe love u ate happy new year sobra ako naaliw sayo new subbie here sub me back .. hehe kiss mwaaaaaaaaaa

  2. ahahha ang dami ate hahah may fiesta hahah aliw ako s aonions at sa manok super dmai hahah im sure ang sarap nyan indi tinipid eh hahah…

  3. I like her and her pancit🌝 she seemed like a very nice filipina girl. Very natural looking. Thank you for showing us how to cook good pancit.

  4. I love Knorr 😞 Latinos use it a lot also in our foods. Especially rice and stews…. Hard to stop using it since that's what you grew up knowing. Is there a way to get msg free Knorr such as the one available in the Philippines here in USA?

  5. I’m so glad I came across your channel. I’m learning how to make pancit and your version looks easy to follow. I’ve only made pancit bihon twice in my life and I’m liking the idea of adding canton. Wish me luck. I’m hoping to bring it to my work potluck.

  6. I just found your channel. New subscriber here. I don’t use MSG but there are other studies contradicting what you just said. It’s widely available all over Asia. We call it “Vetsin” and sold also under “Ajinomoto” brand. Nice recipe. I use Excellent brand as well.