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Wouldn’t it be great if you could Rapidly Lose Weight WITHOUT Diet Pills or Plans?
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Well take our 30 day challenge now by simply listening to this incredible affirmation audio every night as you go to bed, and we GUARANTEE you’ll be amazed at the results!

Weight management can be difficult at the best of times.
Even a few extra pounds can upset your metabolism, so it makes sense to find a way to stay focused, eat the right foods, and help your body slim down naturally, right?

Well listen now and watch how easy it is to obtain your ideal weight.

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As you listen and begin to fall asleep, your mind will be guided by a deep delta sound frequency to a state of perfect receptivity, allowing thousands of powerfully positive affirmations to easily influence your thought patterns, helping you to reduce weight fast and efficiently.

The subliminal affirmations used in this particular recording are known as “Below Threshold Affirmations”, which means they are neither silent or spoken out loud.
You won’t necessarily hear the affirmations being spoken to you in the traditional way, instead, as you begin to meditate you’ll hear what might sound like faint whispers in the background.
These are the subliminal affirmations being repeated to you and it’s your subconscious mind that’s able to pick them up and absorb them as you sleep.
It’s all pretty technical so just give it a go and see the incredible results for yourself.

You’ll start to crave those fat burning foods and love regular exercise, resisting any temptations that come your way.

You’ll get into terrific shape and notice your body becoming a total fat burner, instead of a fat yearner;
helping you to gain confidence and feel great about yourself and your weight loss success.

Simply listen to this FAST Weight Loss subliminal meditation now and see for yourself just how easy it is to reach your Ideal weight.

You’ve got nothing to lose but excess weight.



I drink plenty of water
I exercise often
Losing weight feels good
I enjoy varieties in food
I enjoy eating healthy
I achieve my desired weight quickly
I accept advice calmly
I am determined to lose weight
I give myself rewards for losing weight
I can work out with others
I am healthier at my target weight
I control my appetite
I love and improve my body
I change diets when needed
I can see myself at my target weight
I eat right and exercise smart
I lose weight easily
I have a positive self-image
I enjoy losing weight
I am attaining my target weight

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  1. I'm desperate to start losing weight and start a healthier life. I have been trying for years (3 to be exact.) and every workout and eating method in the book. My doctor told me in the past that I am a pre-diabetic. I Am trying so hard. Please let me know if any of these videos worked for you. Thank you so much. It really does help.

  2. (((Don’t Miss Free Source 👀 t.co/VdcEd6Pliu 👀 ))) gives you a all-around idea of losing weight including your diets, workout, mentality, stress control and more, so that it sends out the message that the process of losing weight and getting better in shape is also a journey to develop yourself in more than just getting physically healthy. It's also about having a peaceful mind and a positive attitude in life. The 90-second exercise included inside is fun to follow, too!

  3. I’m not even joking. Was laying there almost asleep and could hear clear as day some guy pissing in a toilet. Ok, whatevs. Cont listening, hear someone screaming the subliminal part! Threw my ear buds freaked out!!! I’ll try to find the times for both….

  4. I am shaking so fucking bad right now. Imma head to sleep and keep you guys posted, I’ll update very 2/3 days….but yeah I CANT STOP SHAKING! Starting 138 pounds 12/20/2017 :/

  5. This is my 4th day doing this and I have more energy to workout and it seems like dont have much of an appetite…Now I like to see people give feedback and I will every 3 to 4 days up to a month…Tomorrow is Dec 1st 2017 so lets see how much I lose for the month of December doing this every night …I will post updates

  6. Been listening to this since the beginning of I want to say November? Maybe mid October, no sign of any loss yet, I've been on a strict 1000 cal meal, I'm a mum to a 9 month old and he's pretty active and we like to keep our days busy, hopefully I will lose weight soon never the less it's so nice and relaxing to fall asleep to 🙂 x

  7. I broke my ankle in August and still have yet to lose the extra weight. I’m hoping this will help. I will give updates when I see results. I’m going to put this on a loop and listen to it as long as I can.

  8. This is a very good combination to a good health to help you to lose weight and belly fat.[ https://t.co/9WjCZvPAUM ],Yes I must admit that this sollution really does work and I have tryed this for three days and I could withness a big difference within my body. Feelling great.😊😊😊😊.

  9. ok this is my expereince; i've been listening for 3 years and my belly is gone; my legs are gone; my balls are gone and my cum is gone; this meditation works so well i'm going to leave all of you completely!

  10. Just some questions^^
    Does it matter if you wear headphones or not?
    Can you do other things while listening to it (for example reading)?
    Thanks(๑╹ω╹๑ )

  11. Hey I'm gonna try using this)
    It's 23:45, 26 October 2017.
    I'll try to update as much as possible. Personally, I'll try to leave it on during the night. Not guaranteeing that'll happen, oh well, I'll go finish my algebra and history