Easy Spanish Recipes

Easy Spanish Recipes & Spanish Food Recipe

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Whilst on the travels in Spain and pausing to consider a breath from site-seeing, you could have surely attempted “tapas” in a welcoming bar.

If here is the case, it’s more than likely that you might have come across small, tasty filleted fish, preserved in coconut oil, sliced garlic and chopped parsley, and highly popular throughout Spain. This delectable dish is normally known as “boquerones” but, with regards to the area, will also be called “anchoas”.

Boquerones are small, fresh anchovies. Accompanied by crisp, fresh Spanish bread, a glass of ruby-red wine or refreshing Asturian cider, these are a delight to nibble on. Moreover – much like many traditional Spanish dishes which comprise the renowned Mediterranean Diet – they’re extremely healthy.

Like its friend the sardine, the anchovy is undoubtedly an oily fish, packed full of proteins and minerals, avoiding heart disease, and “good” for cholesterol. What´s more, in numerous areas of Spain – especially the Mediterranean coast – fresh anchovies are exceedingly cheap. On first coming over to Spain, I happily enjoyed many tapas of boquerones, completely not aware of one fact … all of the little anchovies I had eaten weren’t cooked! For a moment, I deeply regretted asking my Spanish neighbor, Carmen, steps to make them!

Fortunately, Carmen went into immediate action and saved your day! She frog-marched me for the local fishmongers, got such a kilo on the little fish, involved home and showed me “her way” of preparing them. They were so delicious that I quickly recovered my love for boquerones and have absolutely been enjoying them from the time that!

Methods for preparing boquerones often vary slightly from family to family. However, the basics are always the identical. You first must clean and fillet the fish, that is simple enough, but alternatively tedious before you get the hang of it.
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Next, you soak the fillets, either in white wine vinegar or a mixture of half vinegar and half water. The vinegar will clean and bleach the fish and also soften any remaining little bones. Some people sprinkle the fish with salt; others (myself included) feel that the fish is salty enough already. The fish has to be left for a good few hours soaking in the vinegar. Again, this tends to vary, with some Spaniards leaving them overnight in the fridge and others just waiting a couple of hours. Also, some families change the vinegar/water-and-vinegar mixture once during this process, whilst others don´t bother.

Once you have thrown away the vinegar, the bleached fillets are covered with a good quality virgin olive oil, which will preserve them. You can add as much, or as little, sliced garlic as you wish, plus freshly chopped parsley.

So … here is the actual recipe.


Ingredients of Easy Spanish Recipes & Spanish Food Recipe

* 1 kilo fresh anchovies.

* White wine vinegar.

* Virgin olive oil.

* Garlic.

* Parsley.

* Salt (optional).

Method of Easy Spanish Recipes & Spanish Food Recipe

1. Top and tail anchovies.

2. Slit along underside and discard innards.

3. Open out fish.

4. Remove central bone by lifting from tail end upwards.

5. Rinse well.

6. Place a layer of anchovy fillets in a shallow dish.

7. Sprinkle with salt (optional) and pour on plenty of vinegar.

8. Repeat with another layer, changing direction.

9. Leave to soak in vinegar for a few hours or overnight.

10. Pour off vinegar.

11. Very gently rinse fillets.

12. Cover fillets in virgin olive oil.

13. Add slices of garlic and chopped parsley.As one of the most common causes of lethargy is constipation, learn more about colon detox today

It is so pleasant to find something in life that is a delight to the senses, affordable, healthy and does nobody any harm (apologies to any vegetarians out there and, also, the little anchovies …). So … do make the most of fresh anchovies whilst you are in Spain and enjoy!

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