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  1. Hello sir, ur cake recipe is wonderful but pls can u suggest me how I can replace eggs with baking soda or baking powder or any other option may be.. m vegeterian. Please reply soon lots of love from india.

  2. Wow!! you taught me baking 🙂 …Thanks to your step by step, detailed recipe, my 10 year old too bakes amazing cakes..I referred this site to my friends and they too were successful in their first attempt….Keep posting 🙂 Good luck!!

  3. You are a wonderful chef and you will always stay that way. …. that distinguishes you from some chefs that the view of eating beautiful and taste beautiful .. I have tried you such a recipe. .. My experiences have been successful in your favor. Thank you for the wonderful effort, chef

  4. I am trying to make a moist chocolate cake.i try to get the receipt.they talk so fast when giving the receipt..i cannot keep up.

  5. This cake looks amazing! And I’d love to bake it for my grandparents birthday party. I have to make it to serve 40 people, if I tripled this recipe do you think it would be enough? I’m hoping to bake it in a very large square or rectangle tin. Thankyou 🙂

  6. Hello, Thank you for the recipe, made this cake for my bf's bday and i cant even explain how much he LOVED it! (He didnt let me have a slice for 3 days) cheers