Doctor OZ showed in Public a drink that BURN FAT during ALL day

This is the best method to lose weight ►

The secret has become one of the most common ailments in all the world. What causes a alert, since it causes other diseases such as: diabetes, hypertension, problems cardiovascular, among others.

The famous and dear Dr. Oz, who is all one American television personality to show your audience how to lead a healthy life, revealed in one of his programs a simple home remedy that it can help to burn fat in a way natural and without adverse complications.

However, although not believe it, this great doctor receives threats continuously, since its recommendations may affect to many industries that manufacture products for weight loss.

But don’t worry, we give you the recipe!

1 cup of grapefruit juice.
2 teaspoons vinegar of
apple cider.
1 teaspoon of honey 100% natural.

Mix the grapefruit juice with the teaspoon of vinegar of apple cider, finally adds the teaspoon of honey and stir until dissolve well.

You should take this mixture 2 times to the day, ones15 minutes before eating.
Preferably before lunch and dinner.

In addition, Dr. Oz recommends:
Perform a balanced diet and never leave aside the exercises.


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  1. Yeah, the only way you're going to lose fat is by eating less. There is no miracle drink out there that will allow you to be a lazy sack of shit and lose weight at the same time. Sorry!

  2. Do not drink this if you want to keep your teeth! It will destroy them! Acidic drinks destroy your tooth enamel. I'm trying to fix my problem, now, with remineralizing one of my front teeth. Be very careful following these "remedies". Some of them do more harm than good.

  3. Oz is a quack.
    All the crap he tells you to take, none of it works.
    He was called before a federal commission and was asked why does he hawk fake weight loss products.
    After, he is suppose to be a doctor

  4. Please stop putting "home remedies" and "alternative medicines" on the internet, even if they have been recommended by your favorite TV doctor. There is little proven science behind this, and in many cases these sort of things can lead to actual health issues.