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One of the UK’s biggest and busiest obesity units has opened its doors to allow an exclusive insight into their battle with the bulge. Sunderland Royal Hospital is at the heart of one of the fattest places in the country and the Weight Loss Ward is like a conveyor belt with thousands of patients turning to the knife to beat their obesity. 43-year-old Deborah Salkeld weighs in at 36 stone. She piled on the weight after her brother committed suicide thirteen years ago. After years of being stuck in her bedroom, with depression and overeating, she’s facing life-changing gastric surgery.


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  1. How is the lady doing now? The one who's son committed suicide poor lady. All the people that are in the video seem to be very lovely laid back people.i maybe other people would love to watch a follow up program showing how all these patients are doing now..god bless them all x

  2. To everyone in the comments talking about their teeth. I get their jokes but clearly if you think about it, especially since most of them have mobility problems and they eat so much. Don't you think that it would be hard for them to brush their teeth not saying that they're dirty. But along with that, I'm not exactly sure but I heard that braces in the U.K are really expensive and most can't afford it. So don't you think they want to take care of themselves but clearly they need help and they've realized it.

  3. Doing the ketogenic way of life, I've learned that their problem is insulin resistance, you have to take most carbs out, minimum to non sugar and grains in your diet and have healthy fats, along with your protein goal and I've seen great results in obese people like them without being hungry.

  4. The "no sustenance" food she has is what she should've been trying in the first place! Fruits, yogurt, soups, probably vegetables and she wouldn't need a surgery. I don't understand wanting an invasive medical procedure. 😞

  5. Surgery is not the Answer, £90,000 each , anyone see a conspiracy, I EAT MORE TO WEIGH LESS, and gone from 23 stone to today just under 17 stone, ( 16 stone 13 pounds ) the answer is WHOLE FOOD, PLANT BASED, NO OIL LIFESTYLE, therefore piling into SALADS, VEG, FRUITS, STARCHES , NO MEATS, NO DAIRY, weight will just fall off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,