Hey guys!
So this video may not be for everyone….
Sharing my weight loss journey publicly has not been an easy task, however the positive response I’ve had from so many of you has really been super humbling and awesome to recieve! I’ve been able to relate and connect with so many of you about this process and I’m so excited to continue forward sharing new experiences with you as we celebrate becoming healthier versions of ourselves together! Surgery or not, we are moving in the right direction with every small step taking to achieve our goals for a better and healthier life Amen?!

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  1. There is a vengeful part of me that keeps me responding to my ex when he reaches purely from a completely petty place, for him to watch the process. I am Petty La'Belle.

  2. Thank you so much for putting this video out… I just came upon this video and it made me cry, but in a good way. I just had my sleeve done last week and was feeling so regretful because of how much i relied on food to make myself happy.. It felt as if a food shroud was constantly covering me, so I was unable to see the good in myself and others because I was just too selfish to care. I didn't want to be in mental or physical pain anymore so I would eat all the time, always alone too. By looking at this video, I realized how selfish I was with myself, limiting myself to do things just because I didn't like the way I looked, or my weight limited me and once that happened, I became selfish by saying fuck that stuff, it's not fun anyways and then went to buy a shit ton of fast food to stuff my face and make me feel better… I would always cancel plans with friends just because I was in physical pain because of my weight and then that would lead me to becoming more depressed and then I'd end up eating a lot more again…

  3. Honestly it's been the opposite for me. Guess I am one of the rare cases. I think I got more attention when I was bigger and some of my exes that have seen me since have commented on how much they liked me before I lost weight. I think I carry myself differently now and with life changes on top of weight loss, I have matured in other areas of my life and the toxic men that approached me before (exes included) know where to get off at, so those same little boys do not approach me anymore, and I'm definitely not complaining.. it's just making room for the right one when he comes along.

  4. I really needed to hear this. I'm currently on a weightloss journey and it has truely been a struggle but hearing people's stories really has been keeping me motivated. I hope to one day feel the way that you do.

  5. Listening to you, makes me so excited for my journey! We sound so similar on our outlooks on people and life. I’ve never connected with a video so much before. I’m about 3 months away from my life changing surgery and I can’t wait for my new life. The thing that struck me is that you now live in California and that’s where I plan to go after my weight has rewatched its goal. Thank you for this! Maybe I’ll see you around!!

  6. Omggg! Thank you so soo sooooooo much! I have been thinking about getting weight loss surgery for the past 2 months. I asked my mom how she feel about it and she wasn’t really supportive. Now I’m just going to do it. This is something that I KNOW is the best decision for me.

  7. I became curious because my colleague had lost weight and I planned to know how. They will suggested that I google “sowo amazing plan”. The times following it all melted off, I lost a total of 16 lbs.

  8. If u ever gain weight again they will leave again, So no second chance on this situation…..Not only before but now, remember you get to choose don't let them "choose you". And don't apologise for being Happy…

  9. Nope… Why would I entertain some old dude that didnt like me for who I am while taking a step back… plenty of D out there… I'm happy to give somebody completely new a chance. Come see me, boys!

  10. You look amazing and so happy that is wonderful . I really hope you do more videos about vsg about how you eat and how you started to get in routine with exercising like what exercise did you do etc… I would love to know more really.

  11. Thanks u for sharing i got my vsg suegery 5 montg ago on tommorrow..ive lost alot of weight i feel so much better even tho i will need alot more work…im so happy i can relate to what u are saying and the fact we felt not goid enough to pay attention to the people who claimed to love us…and its true…i now see how little he gave how much more im worth…As a person..

  12. Following this diet is so very easy and I am so satisfied I have came onto it. I am so anxious to continue this specific journey and to lose yet another 7 lbs. Check out “sowo amazing plan” on google.

  13. Wow I'm one of those people who just happened to stumble across your video and you are very encouraging. You voice is so motivating and peaceful I almost cried listening to you lol. You have a beautiful soul and I wish you nothing but the best..