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  1. Please stop saying use a microwave now that's a no, microwave food , nutrients get zapped. I loved your video and the food you prepared looks so delicious I wish I could sample your food, I would make a good taste sampler By the way I just discovered your channel and my first time viewing your video and my first video I've watched on your channel wow

  2. @SweetPotatoSoul.. I made the chili tacos with walnut and lentils today… and omg it tastes soooo soooo good! 😝 It was also very quick and easy to do, so next up are the crab cakes. Can't wait to see how those turn out. Big big Thanks from Bedfordshire UK. x

  3. You belong in your own TV cooking show…your serene yet positively intense demeanor is the perfect seasoning for your wonderful recipes. You have my vote!

  4. Damn these look good we'll have to try them out! Peek at our channel, we make all of our food under $5 in our 21 foot trailer. 🙂

  5. I'm considering transferring to vegan? I'm a little nervous because I've been leaning this way off and on, but lack the courage to continue the journey?😞 any encouragement to help me out will be appreciated because I really wanna do this but not sure if I be consistent with it? Because all I know is adding meat with every dish?

  6. If you put food in the mircrowave it kills all the nutrients so its pretty much a waste. You can warm up your food in the oven or the toaster over.