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Dal fry is basically prepared from lentils. Use up any letntils you have in your pantry to make this recipe.
To make dal tadka, pour tadka on top of boiled dal.
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  1. : Simple awesme recipe! Thank you so much Bhavna ji. I have learnt so many other dishes from you and all have turned out to be well. I ade the best masala dosa becoz of you. Thank you so very much! You are awesome! :

  2. if you are REAL Aussie, or english or american, i would have really appreciated ur accent, however, this fake english accent is sooooo dramatic and off putting…
    however, i appreciate your effort for the recipe…

  3. Bhavna Ji, thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe. Your sincerity is truly awe-inspiring. There is one request. Can you please share some recipes for toddlers ???

  4. Hi Bhavna. Tried your dhal recipe today. It turned out delicious. My boyfriend enjoyed it! Not forgetting to mention it was really easy to prepare too. Thank you!

  5. Stop giving Bhavna a hard time with your stupid comments about accent!!!! Her recipes are great!!! And free. Her accent is fine and I'm glad it's in English. Go to another site please! Don't bother us with foolish comments! Great work Bhavna!!!! Well done! Ignore these silly people they're clearly jealous and very bored !!!