The full recipe is on my website:
This crispy, crunchy, spicy Korean fried chicken is incredibly delicious! You’re going to love it, I guarantee, and take this chicken to a party and everyone will give you compliment: “Whoo ah~ this crispy chicken is crunchy crunchy like candy!”

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and also my spicy, seasoned can’t-fail yangnyeom-tondak:



  1. If you want a vegetarian version of this try freezing a block of tofu overnight (just stick the whole package in the freezer) and then let it thaw. After that press the tofu with something heavy to get the water out. This makes the tofu have a very similar texture to chicken. After that tear the tofu into bite sized pieces. Then I just follow the recipe as is except I throw some green onion in at the very end. Very delicious recipe Maangchi! Thanks!

  2. Do you know how many times I've made this over the years? My friends always ask me to "make some mong-chee." They think this dish is called 'maangchi' because of Maangchi. I made this once for a Super Bowl Party. And, now, I make it for every holiday, party, event or family dinner. I just made this for the 100th time. We had a party. I purposefully brought the ingredients raw and pretended like I didn't have time beforehand. I made everyone watch how much time and love go into these delicious treats. I will admit, I only use breast meat strips cut into 'chicken wing' shapes. Everyone loves chicken! #ChickenUnitesUs

  3. I'm guessing this a South Korean dish, because Kim Jong-un has eaten all the chickens in North Korea. The people of North Korea are starving to death. Maybe someday the people will get together and kill that little hamster and chop him up for a giant stir fry.