Learn how to make the Crispy Onion Rings Recipe! Get the ingredients here: http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2010/05/can-i-get-onion-rings-instead-of-fries.html
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  1. This worked like a charm. My family loves to make them, and they are perfect. We had a few left overs and they were still crisp the next day.

  2. Why are you telling us not to cut them bigger then a quarter inch does you know how thin a quarter of an inch is? Like you were cutting half inch slabs nit one of your onion rings was less then a quarter so why bother? Mentioning the measurements? And yes they cook find half inch as yours did in the video, BTW I was cooking 1 inch pieces and they cook fine just more juicy onion still all the crisp of the outside but home made recipe we use milk

  3. Hell yes I love onion rings💗 & definitely want to make my own 😱thank you for sharing😀 I'm definitely going to make a batch…😝.. just finding your Channel & love the content thus far..Simple & easy..💌