This classic cheesecake is one of the best desserts ever, rich and decadent. Hardly can anyone stop to one slice.

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Makes about 10-12 servings

9 oz (250 g) digestive biscuits or graham crackers
6 tbsp (80 g) unsalted butter, melted

Cream Cheese Filling
2 pounds ( 1kg) cream cheese, room temperature
1 cup (240g) sour cream
1 cup (200g) sugar
1 tsp (5g) vanilla
5 eggs, room temperature
1 tbsp (8g) cornstarch
pinch of salt
lemon zest from 1 lemon

1. Prepare the crust. Preheat oven to 350 F (180C). Crush the biscuits/crackers using a food processor until crumbs form.Pour the melted butter over the crumbs. Process until evenly moistened. Press the crumbs mixture with the back of the spoon into the bottom of a 10-inch (26 cm) springform pan (with a removable base). Bake for 13-15 minutes. Set aside to cool completely.

2. Reduce oven temperature to 300F (150C).

3. Prepare the cream cheese filling. In a large bowl mix the cream cheese until smooth. Add sugar, cornstarch and salt and mix until combined.

4. Add eggs one at a time until each egg is incorporated. Add vanilla extract, lemon zest and sour cream. Mix until well combined. Try to not overmix the batter to incorporate as little air as possible.

5. Pour the cream cheese mixture over the prepared crust.

6. Bake for 45-55 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave it another hour in the oven.

7. Remove and run a sharp knife around the inside edge of the pan. Let it cool completely at room temperature. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

8. Decorate with your favorite fruits and dust with powdered sugar if desired before serving.

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  1. I think 5 eggs as too much mine tastes eggy. My intuition said only use four but I decided to follow the recipe. maybe next time only four egg.

  2. I only have 250g of cream cheese at home, how can I devide the recipe to make cheesecake with only that amount of cream cheese?

  3. omg i'm craving this so much right now but i'm too lazy to bake 😭 i just want someone to cook and bake for me all the time😂

  4. I love your videos, tried this recipe as well i dont know why it turned out a little tangy may be its because of the sour cream(added greek yogurt). Can you tell me any remedy for that…

  5. Thank you for this recipe. Followed it and it was very good! Flavor is rich and quality is like that of professionally made ones. I thought there were too many eggs at first but it turned out well so thanks!

  6. you have no idea how i always look for a new cheesecake recipe and none satisfy me, this might be the exception but i do have a question, if i wanted to modify this since its a Classic version, is it possible to make it with different flavours without having to modify the rest of the ingredients? say for example: strawberry flavoured cheesecake with puree strawberries that i only add sugar for flavouring and mix it up with the rest of the filling, or chocolate cheesecake by adding just cocoa powder and, or even lemon cheesecake flavour with lemon juice? i hope you can give me a response to this thank you.