Clams Are you a seafood lover well if you are here is something different, this recipe will tantalize your taste buds and make you scream for more, this is a great appetizer as well as a wonderful dinner.

Are you a seafood lover well for anyone who is here is something more important, this recipe will tantalize your palette and make you scream to get more, this is the great appetizer and a wonderful dinner, within this recipe you should use your judgment and employ as much of a selected ingredient that you enjoy or only a small amount of each you don’t like nevertheless, you will find that by building all the ingredients offers a nice balance to this dish.
Am I allowing you to hungry? Well I hope so, now do stick to me because I can show people the best way to do things a lot better than I can tell you. Ok were off.

Open 12 raw clams for being on the half shell and do spend some time to check for bits of shell inside clam, loosen the calm on the bottom part in the shell.

Herb Butter for clams:


Mince some watercress, parsley, shallots, anchovies, almonds, just a little of garlic

Add some Pernod wine, Anisette, plus some drops of tobasco sauce

Mix these ingredients together.

Place some on the herb butter mixture on each on the clams then place a ¼ slice of imported swiss cheese around the top of the clam, if you want more cheese then just add it, placed the clams in the broiler till the cheese is bubblie and brown. Now it’s your responsibility to enjoy it.

Remember you may us just as much or very little of the ingredients that you prefer because your causing this to be to your taste, but personally I like the wines.