Christmas Cookie Recipe


When it comes to the holiday season, there are just certain things we can’t live without Christmas Cookie Recipe. Or at least, there are certain things we think we can’t live without. One of those items for me is a family Christmas cookie recipe that has been handed down for at least three generations. It’s called Church Windows.

Now, this nifty little cookie gets its name because it resembles a stained glass “church” window.

How to prepare Christmas Cookie Recipe

When it comes to the Christmas season, you can find just specific things we can’t live without. Or at the very least, you’ll find certain things we believe we can’t live without. One of those items to me is a family Christmas cookie recipe that’s been handed down for a minimum of three generations. It’s called Church Windows.

Now, this nifty little cookie gets its name because doing so resembles a stained glass “church” window. The chocolate will make up the frame and also the marshmallows would be the coloured “glass” inside. Take my word for doing this, if you see a plate of such cookies pass by, grab one. I’ve never witnessed anyone sits and looks at the design, only devour the cookie.

Even though this cookie doesn’t possess decoration into it that resembles Christmas, being a tree or Santa Claus, it is merely made for the holidays. Why? I’ll don’t know, nor will I ever allow it to be during a “non-holiday” season! Family tradition says so!

So, why are this little cookie so competent, you may ask. First, you can certainly make. The kids can begin to play a significant role to produce them; they need supervision because it involves technique stove. Second, these are very colourful and lighten up any holiday dessert table. Last, they’ve got chocolate within them! What else must be said? Without further ado, this can be a recipe for Church Windows.

Church Windows Ingredients

One package semi-sweet chocolate chips (milk chocolate won’t work, I’ve tried)
One stick margarine (NOT butter)
½ c walnuts, optional

1 10 oz bag of coloured marshmallows
2 c coconut
Wax paper

In a substantial saucepan, melt the margarine and also the chocolate chips over medium heat. Stir often watching carefully, Therefore, the chocolate will not scorch. When the mixture seemingly smooth, reserved to cool slightly, approximately five to ten minutes.

While you’re waiting, prepare the wax paper. Tear off two sheets which might be both approximately 18” long. Lay on a flat surface. Cover each sheet evenly with 1 cup of the coconut.

When the chocolate mixture is slightly cooled, stir in walnuts along with the marshmallows just until coated. Stirring to much time will make the marshmallows melt (and that’s bad!)

Pour half in the mixture about the prepared wax paper lengthwise, so as to form a log. Pour your second half for the second sheet of wax paper. Using the extra coconut about the wax paper, cover the top with the chocolate mixture. The coconut can prevent the wax paper from sticking inside future. Take either side and flip over the mix, while keeping rolling to create a log. Shape it so that it makes a nice circle. Twist the sides, so these are secure and also to keep coconut from escaping! Immediately place from the fridge or freezer until they harden, at the least 6 hours. When set, slice off ½ to 1” thick slices.

Church Windows may be stored inside a refrigerator or even the freezer one month. Keep in an air-tight container or bag to maintain it from becoming dry.