1. That was really enjoyable…tasted like Momma never made 🙂 I used less pepper and only 1/4 tsp Garam Masala for mildness. Also, I used the same water that Lentils were boiled in. For Tarka, I used thinly sliced onions along with your suggestion of garlic. I also saved half the cumin seeds for the tarka (added 1/2 tsp cumin powder with spices in daal instead). Lastly, I added finely slivered ginger along with the Cilantro as the granish. It was quite good and overall your quantities of seasonings were well balanced. Thank you and plaese keep on bringing us more Pakistani dishes.

  2. A fine blend. Neither too spicy & a bit raw like Indian nor well cooked but tasteless like Persian or Arabic Cusine.
    Well cooked with proper exact msala.

  3. i tried it today..!! it was yummie
    but spicy and also oil was excessive.. one cup is enough.!! i replaced sabat garam masla. with 1 spoon sabat garam masala powder. and also i skipped zeera. still it was so yummie. i used the same water. in which i boiled the daal.!! thanks

  4. I made this today and it came out amazing when making the tadka I also added cumin seeds or zeera and chili flakes it came out amazing

  5. god knows how many times I have prepared this Dal with your video's help. really thank you for posting this.
    if I follow exact recipe it turns well.
    your recipes are just perfect 👍👍