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  1. This is perfect I need to lay off the eggnog and cinnamon whisky will make this first thing tomorrow morning👍👊✌

  2. Thanks, I've always mixed celery with other food like cucumber, apple and spinach, I'm going to try this with ginger and lemon.

  3. I did celery juice in three weeks time and at first its not really taste good for me but it really helps me a lot and I start to love doing this juice for my metabolism its help me a lot it solve my constipation and I stop drinking laxative…

  4. there is a drink called mother fucker this is going to replace that for me anyway ,,, thanks mate and i hate that mother fucker drink

  5. I love celery! I use your recipe but instead of honey I put a cut fresh carrot in the blender. It will make the juice a little sweet naturally and with more vitamins. Very tasty and healthy.

  6. That is a beautiful looking glass of juice celery is great great vegetable has a lot properties so good for you can't wait to make me some and I love honey really kicks it off for me gotta try that looks sooo good.

  7. You are right on, Chef. Celery is one of the best foods for us….Thanks for reminding me to eat more of it. sometimes i forget how good it is.

  8. Problem with this video :
    1 : Lemon Seed has a lot of nutrition, is a great natural antibiotic It is way better to add the lemon seeds in the blender.
    2: Honey is sugar, if you want to lose weight or keep the weight down, there is no such a thing called ' Moderation' you must eliminate all types of sugar from your diet, so NO HONEY.
    Other than that, it is a great video and thanks for posting it.

  9. I would do celery… cucumber… ginger …. lemon…and 1… or 1/2 teaspoon of honey or Stevia….or kiwi ..or pineapple for a sweetener.

  10. Always tek een chef Ricardo man explain di ting to do T so that you have a clear understanding as to wat to do. chef Ricardo excess amount a respect sir.