Jamie introduces the wonderful Maunika Gowardhan to the Food Tube family with a bang, as she teaches him how to master the most delicious and tender Indian butter chicken recipe. Recreate the tandoor feel right in your own home. This’ll certainly make you think twice before getting take out…

It’s not often you see Jamie being taught recipes on Food Tube, but this perfect method blew his socks off, it really is a must!

Recipe here: http://goo.gl/XOh58S

You can find this recipe and others on Maunika’s brilliant blog: http://goo.gl/ARSLSp

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  1. The curry that is available to you in Birmingham, England can look as beautiful as a plate of shining rubies, and it can send your taste-buds into a blissful dimension. My city has been blessed by world-class international cuisine.

  2. This is my "go-to" pot luck dish for parties and what-not. Everyone loves it. I make it on the spicy side, and I even get compliments from Indian people at my workplace on assignment in the US from Bangalore.

  3. when I was in Japan iv been to some amazing Indian restaurants, I have one question how do u change the spice level of the curry? I usually ordered mine as hot as they would make it.