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Watch how to make baked eggs a muffin tin. Wrap slices of bacon around the edge of the muffin cups, fill it with an egg, and top with grated cheese. This ingenious egg dish is so fun and delicious, like bacon and egg cupcakes. Great for brunch, but easy enough to make any time.

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  1. cooking the bacon first isn't saving time it's making sure that the bacon is cooked so all you are timing is the eggs, if you do raw bacon, the egg will cook quicker and the bacon will not be cooked for long enough

  2. Been 3 years and I'm still looking for the Ham!! It says ham and cheese… I found the cheese I just can't find the ham. Damn.. I wanted some ham.

  3. I'm not talking about the baking part of the recipe.

    The video here says to cook the bacon in the skillet for 45min on each side. That cannot be possible.

  4. I had to listen to this twice. No way does it need to cook 45 MINUTES per side. Holy cow. Maybe a couple of minutes. Even on very low it would not need 45 minutes.

  5. im going to try turkey bacon but overall this looks delicious !! Allrecipes has always been my favorite site to go to for recipes

  6. You can always prebake your bacon in the oven. 350 for 6 to 8 mins should leave it still flexible. Keep an eye on it. I never make bacon on top of the stove anymore. It gets browned so much more evenly in the oven.

  7. For all of those saying that it is suppossed to be ham and not bacon. I hope you realize its the exact same animal, just different part of meat…

  8. Thank you for your question. Scrambling the eggs first and then baking will overcook them. We'd recommend following the recipe as written.