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  1. surgery should be a last resort and i think boogie had tried most things and tbh, hes 40 years old. If he doesnt loose weight fast he might die. plus he has that problem with his legs so he cant move around properly. But now it seems that hes lost ALOT of weight so the surgery was probably good for him

  2. It's not an easy fix. A friend had this done and started loosing her hair due to not being able to eat enough to get the requirement for her body. You still have to make diet and life changes.

  3. I absolutely love this 👀 👀 guide! It is as real as it gets, I made the decision of becoming a LadyBoss about a month ago, and I have learned to love myself for me, and to keep pushing my body to do what it is capable of doing. Believe me, it is more than what we think! I have lost about 4 Inches off my waist with the help of this program. I am still ways from my goal but it is surely getting me closer! I absolutely love it!!! It is such a blessing in my life!

  4. When I was 18 my mother died and my weight spiraled out of control and my grandmother convinced me I needed to get the lapband. It was the biggest mistake in my life and after it nearly killed me from the band slipping the weight piled back on. It took years for me to get back to a healthy weight. I’m 100% believe surgery is right for some people but that it is used far too often

  5. Your comments and Boogie's story match up to what I've understood about weight-loss surgery: the LAST resort without which said patient would not live another year.

    I'm about 70-100 pounds overweight, but I know very well I can get rid of it naturally, which is what I am doing now (five pounds gone in two weeks with safe eating and appropriate exercise).

    Kudos to you and Boogie.

  6. I discorved the stomach surgery in the documentary ''Super Size Me'', I was againist it because it shrunk the stomach who is stocking calory for the functionning the body and shrunking the stomach reduce the recommanded quantity of calories.
    The responsable of the weight gain is not the stomach, is the brain, as I says in another ObesetoBeast video.
    I am not fat or having weight lose issue, it's just I am concern on what choice their are making, especially when it talk about the organs that help the body to live. And if it is about the beauty of the body, I will be piss. Health is more important than the beauty.
    The perfect body doesn't exist.

    You just learn me more about stomach surgery, even though it change my view, I am still againist it…
    Thank for sharing this video, it really help.

  7. As a weight loss surgery person…I totally support him in this decision. Only he can make this lifestyle change. I have never even heard of him, thank-you for this video John. (I subscribed to his utube). Weight Loss Surgery is not a easy way out folks….

  8. There's nothing wrong with surgery if you're serious about it like boogie is. There's nothing wrong with "taking the easy way out"assome people like to call it, that's the entire fucking point of technology, to make life easier. It's only a problem if you use it as a substitute for being serious, if you just use it as a way to get thinner so you can go back to eating shit. This clearly isn't what boogie is doing, he's serious and there's nothing wrong with getting surgery if that is the best and most efficient option for him to achieve his goal.

  9. The majority of people in general struggle with is the lack of understanding as to WHY people are over weight.
    Diets treat symptoms NOT the cause. Understanding your Hormones being imbalanced is the cause and will lead you down the right path. Whether of not you have what it takes to do what you need to with that information is another story.

  10. There is a huge difference between being 16, and 50-100lbs overweight, and being 40 and 400lbs over weight. That is not a joke boogie is 40, and at his heaviest he was just under 600lbs. The normal weight for a 40yr old male, somewhere in the 200-250lb range. No one, and I mean no one, at the age of 16, unless absolute, unless 100 percent medically necessary, should be getting weight lose surgery.

  11. The gastric bypass is not, as they say, carte blanche. I had mine in 2009, went down from 187 kilograms to 125 and back up to 150 later on. Now I am hovering at 145ish.
    What I am saying is this: The surgery does not fix the underlying problem that got me to gain all that weight. I, too, have mental issues like Boogie: Anxieties, I burned out and have had depressive phases for years, stuff like that. Eating has been for me, just like for him, the only real way out of the trouble – alongside sleeping, which lets me escape everything.
    Like him, I got things under better control now and have been hovering at 145 for about a year now.
    That said, now come the technical specs of what actually happens in the gastric bypass surgery:
    Your small intestine is about 10 meters long, give or take a meter or so. All of it stays in, but it gets kind of rerouted to bypass 90%. I have been digesting my food with about 1 meter of small intestine, which had to relearn digestion from scratch. It did, and it got very efficient.
    All of my stomach is still in, but again about 90 to 95% is now blind and not used any longer.
    With less than 10% of my former digestive system I have been able to gain weight again after about 2 years post-surgery and that's something that's common for us gastric bypasses.
    The worst of the problem does get solved, but we still have to get our shit together to actually stay slim(er) – and that's a challenge that I am beginning to master and that Boogie will have to master too.

  12. My heaviest was at 19 years old weighing 423 lbs. no surgery just worked extremely hard now I'm at 205 lbs nearly 21 now. I honestly think that if you want it bad enough you can do it without surgery at such a young age.

  13. why the hell do you look like a cross between my brother and me, that messed with my brain for a second lmao. great video, and love your content dude, earned a new sub

  14. Boogie was a good candidate because he's older so he's got a lot of injuries and health problems from carrying the weight for so long. If your between 20-30 I say try everything else but im 40 and perfect weight for my hight 5'11" 165lbs and I have aches and pains I never had, I can't imagine being that big at 40.

  15. No one give a fuck about your response stop using his name in the thumbnais for views and money we love boogy2988 we dont care what people think about that we respect his decision you ass hole

  16. The problem a lot of people who get the surgery have is they think it is the answer but don't realize it isn't. You are 100% correct that surgery is only the beginning and there are still many changes someone needs to make with their lifestyle in order for it to be permanent. If they don't, all the weight will come back on. I also believe it's not the easy way out. It's just as hard as what you accomplished without surgery, but simply a different path.

  17. Not everyone can lose weight easily like some can. Some have severe health risk. Hell, mental health is a big problem also. I'm 21 and can't kick my bad habits because of my severe mental health, and I can't get help because the state I live in doesn't have enough therapist/psychiatrist! It hurts and feel that surgery is my only option if I keep on the road I am without the help I need. Mental health is a huge issue, I wish the government and others thought so too

  18. I am 300 pounds and 18. I play water polo, swim, hockey, football. I am seriously overweight yet I workout over 2 hours a day and stick to a strict diet. I have been doing this for 4 years now. I am considering bypass, is this bad?

  19. My friend lost his mother because of complications from gastric bypass surgery. I don't really get it why people would change something natural in their body when they can just lose the weight off.

  20. I keep getting called fat so I went on a 3 month starvation diet. I lost 15 lbs, all my grades dropped, and the fat shaming got worse, my parents found out my "diet" so I stopped and I gained 10lbs back 🙁