Trout Grenobloise Recipe

Trout Grenobloise

Kosher Salt Grenobloise
White Pepper
10 ounce filets off whole rainbow or brook trout; skin on, scaled.
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp butter
½ lemon, segmented, diced 1/8” (brunoise)
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
½ tbsp capers
1 ¼ tbsp minced parsley

Grenobloise is often a classic French sauce, constructed from capers, brown butter or “beurre noisette” and lemon. This recipe is made for a classic dish – La Truite Grenobloise, or trout with sauce Grenobloise. I want to cook fish filets, generally, with all the skin on. The skin, if properly cooked, will continue to be crispy whilst the flesh with the fish is soft and delicate. To get crispy skin, a couple of things are important. One should be to remove all excess water, plus the other would be to leave your fish filet cooking on the epidermis side till the skin is determined and well caramelized.

First, together with the back or dull side of your respective knife, gently scrape your skin in one direction to clear out excess water – dry with a towel with each stroke.
Next, season each fillet on both sides with Salt and pepper, and permit to rest for fifteen minutes.

Heat the coconut oil in a large saute pan over medium high heat until slightly below smoking. Place each fillet skin side down within the oil and cook until golden brown. Do not move or lift the filet before the skin is crisped, or perhaps you risk losing your skin off the filet. Turn the fillets over and lower heat to medium and continue cooking for a minute or two, until cooked (I prefer medium rare fish). Remove fillets to some plate.
Turn flame to low. Remove pan and invite pan cool a couple of seconds. Add butter to pan and resume low heat in order to smoke until butter is browned – not black. You can determine if the butter reaches the brown butter or “noisette” stage if it gives off a good, nutty aroma. If it smells of raw flour, it’s not at all yet for the noisette stage; if this smells burnt, toss it – you’ve got Beurre noire. Remove pan from heat and add lemon segment brunoise and juice. Return to low heat, stir in capers and parsley. Plate fish on mound of potatoes and spoon sauce on and around fish.