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  1. 😂 that awkward moment when u watch this video a long time after it came out and the give away winner has the same name as u so ur like "what?"

  2. Coloraful. I hope you enjoy it. Every Saturday, I cook (3) types of meals. I prepackaged them for lunches for Husband and small dinners for a newly acquired grandmother.

  3. Oh those Bento boxes are a great idea for other chronically ill people that are bedbound too. I never feel like eating allot at 3 meals per day. Most of the time I'I'm not hungry when everyone else is. If I could eat some thing but I don't know what I feel like. It's just a drag, dealing with it .

  4. This is genius! Eating a variety of snacky foods as a meal is my favorite! My husband and I call them snack plates! This is even easier though because you can just grab one from the fridge when you are running low on spoons. I mainly eat vegan but I can definitely this vegan. 🙂

  5. I loved the bento boxes! Home made lunch ables! Mary you could do pita bread some pizza sauce and shredded cheese and any veggies or meats to have your favorite diy pizza lunch able

  6. I'm trying a bento box for lunch to take to work did it once and it worked out very well. I got the box from Rubbermaid lunch blox and I like it. I like it

  7. I started watching your videos a couple weeks ago ,I came here from +thedaletribe !!! Do you have a P.O BOX? We have kinders in canada (themed ones too!) would love to send you some!

  8. can you explain to me why ollie needs to be a see an eye dog? I'm just really curious , I know nothing about Cf intill I started watching you guys. Just curious. Still love love love you guys. ♡

  9. I love this idea. I am in high school and I'm think about doing this next year for lunch. I love y'all so much and y'all put a smile on my face!!😊

  10. @thefreylife +thefreylife . Not sure how to make it so you get notified saying you have a comment with your YT ID/Name….  I was looking around at Disney world stuff because I am going alone in July. I found this and thought of Mary right away.  Disney Parks How-To Make a Bento Box Magical: Donald Duck | Disney Cruise Line  Mary I know you read all the comments and I know I emailed you and left messages/comments on here and no answers so I don't know why. I feel left out. 🙁

  11. i want to try and make these for lunch at my worki overnites and i am diab and hypertension nd neuttopathy and fibro iwant se start making bento box to help me eat berrer.

  12. Mary, I'm the exact same way when my lungs aren't working right (odd form of asthma) so I'll eat bell peppers dipped in cream cheese (garden vegetable is the best). not sure if you would like this, but it does help to get extra calories in when you don't feel well

  13. What was the piece of music you had playing while Ollie and Peter were playing soccer? You've used it several times and I love it! -Holly

  14. Chick fil A, for the wrap sandwiches uses containers that have lids kinda like the ones your showing, I keep them and reuse, love your bento boxes! I saw some on Pinterest too