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Makes 12
4 cups milk
2 tablespoon lemon juice
11/2 cup sugar
41/2 cups water



  1. thanks for the recipe. i have tried today and my rasgulla didnt swell as it has to be i dont no why?? any suggestions will be highly appreciated. thanks again.

  2. Manjulaji, I do not have pressure cooker, can I make them in a normal recipient ? HOW LONG DO i HAVE TO COOK THEM ? thank you for helping me

  3. Hi Manjula, I followed your recipes to make the rasgulla and rasmalai. When I made the rasgullas, they came about a bit hard. Do you have any recommendations on how to get them to come out more soft?

  4. I tried making rasgullas but as I put them in cooker they messed up in hot water instead..I made paneer with curd was that the mistake plz help Manjula g

  5. very nice and professional.. I cannot imagine how amazing you are at cooking food.. Wished you were my aunty I could visit often.. 🙂

  6. hi manjulaji,namaste I think it will be nice if you add subtitles also because some of your instructions are masked by cooker whistle..please do this…thank you in advance…

  7. i love following your recipes.. they are perfect for those of us living in north america.. because of  the kind of heat in the gas, our weather conditions and so on!

  8. Hey Manjula
    I made it and it's wonderful I wish I could show u a picture but it came out amazing
    :)thank u for sharing acha .

  9. I tried to make paneer with the canned milk as I stay in USA and you only get canned milk. the paneer do not look like panner and when i tried to rub it it became like cream cheese instead.:(

  10. I made these today per your recipe and they came out perfect. Thank you for the wonderful recipe and equally wonderful tips.

  11. This is ingenious! How very clever. Manjula I have used a number of your recipes and always find that they come out very well and super tasty. Thank you for your recipes. 

  12. Hi Ma'am ..tried ur recipe…Rasgullas came out pretty soft…but wen i ate them i could feel as if im eating paneer…can u tell me where i went wrong??

  13. Hi Mam, Loved the way you presented your recipe.. It makes think I can do it as well. But most importantly, I loved the way you tried to boost the confidence of us, not so great cooks. It works as an encouragement. Love and Prayers,

  14. Hello mam,
    I always see your receipe. I loved all. But in rasgulla I got a problem. I have tried rasgulla 2 times but they didnt get double in size.they were same size as before cooking. Plz give me suggestion.