Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Porridge Ramen Delicious – Cook Ramen Recipe – Village Food Factory
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  1. Alho, arroz, óleo, cenoura,sal, açúcar…………..miojo salsichão ovos, cheiro verde,celolinha… hummmm delicioso..

  2. This recipe is so much like one Korean dish called "army stew". Only difference is having rice cooked to porridge and some healthy vegetable. Very nice comfort food recipe. Well done.

  3. These sisters are the sweetest and lovely ever. They brought in another cute character, the white with panda face puppy. So so cute puppy. Sleepy Molly must be watching too much YouTube last night…haha. Thumbs Up (x billions). Thank you =)

  4. I like almost everything on this cooking recipe. Ramen 😁yes meatballs 😝yes hot dogs 🙋 high five.. This little sister matched her dress to the hot dogs.. cool cute puppy 🐕 too. Thanks.