Dry bbq

Barbecued chicken dry bbq is usually a staple for some backyard cooks. When done properly, it is just a wonderful thing; when wrong, well, it’s like gnawing on barbecued shoe leather.

Do Away With Dry BBQ In One Surefire Move

The problem is, chicken doesn’t come rare or medium however for safety reasons it appears prepared one way-done, and prolonged experience high heat, usually, saps the juices out. But it doesn’t have to be doing this. There is a great way to have your barbecued chicken served at its juiciest-brined.

Brining is really a simple process in places you immerse meat within a saltwater solution-for you to definitely 24 hours-made with kosher salt, sugar and herbs. Brining, in the nutshell, locks inside meat’s natural juices. In scientific terms, the perfect solution is binds the proteins together from the meat. All you should know that the guests and family will appreciate it.

In most areas, barbecue season is will no longer restricted to summer months months. In fact, many Americans have a yearlong romance with their barbecue. That’s a period of time to settle for dry meat. So for the first foray in to the world of brining, or if you’re a well used pro, make this happen recipe available from America’s authority on salt, Morton Salt.
Chicken Worth Its Salt

1 quart cool water

3/4 cup Morton® Kosher Salt

3/4 cup sugar

1 chicken (3 to 31/2 lbs.) cut into 8 pieces, rinsed and patted dry, or 2 split chicken breasts (bone in, skin on)

To Brine:

In a gallon-size sealable plastic bag, dissolve the Morton® Kosher Salt and sugar in 1 quart of cool water. Add the chicken, then seal the bag, pressing out as often air as it can be. Refrigerate first hour or over to 24. Remove chicken through the brine; rinse well under cool water. Pat dry with paper towel.


Heat grill 10-15 minutes. Season chicken as desired. Place chicken on grill, skin side down. Cook covered following manufacturer’s suggestions. Check for doneness with instant-read thermometer-internal temperature reaches 170° F for poultry breast meat and 180° F for poultry thigh meat.