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Authentic Greek salad combines a few key ingredients into a delicious, enjoyable dish for all. Get an authentic Greek salad recipe with help from a chef and culinary educator in this free video clip.

Expert: Dee Lennox
Filmmaker: Luis Trueba

Series Description: You can bring modern Mediterranean food right into your own home with a rich mixture of ingredients and the right recipes. Get tips on cooking modern Mediterranean food with help from a chef and culinary educator in this free video series.



  1. The famous Greek salad dates back to Alexander the great. who at the time, was so intrigued of bending over and taking it up the ass, he couldn't help but to name a dish after his qiving butthole

  2. So many rude remarks (with the exception of Alexander66sir), and a lot of you claiming to be Greeks. If you already know how to make an "authentic" Greek salad, what are you doing watching this video? Just to have an excuse to be rude? I see so many different recipes for "Greek" salad, it's too easy to pick the one you like and ignore the ones you don't. And if you already know how to make it….????

  3. Its nice salad, but not the authentic Greek….tomato, cucumber, onion,olives, feta cheese, origano, olive oil, and maybe some black pepper on top of feta. thats the authentic Greek salad. I will try this one too though because it looks delicius

  4. i do not like so many ingredients. greek or not , she could have made a lovely salad with half of th ose ingredients…

  5. This is not a Greek salad a Greek salad is just tomato cucumber white onion olives olive oil and salt THATS IT NOT SO FUCKING HARD

  6. my wife is greek and hers are nothing like this, but right now im in the hospital on clear liquid diet watching food videos torchering myself.

  7. No vinegar, no garlic, no mustard (just olive oil, salt & oregano), no cherry tomatoes (wedges of big tomatoes instead), no roasted peppers (you can use pieces of green pepper), no minced onion (onion cut in rings instead), no square pieces of cucumber (cut them in rolls instead), no small pieces of feta cheese (put a big piece on top).  Great salad by the way but not the authentic Greek one, sorry!

  8. You call this an authentic Greek salad???? Are you serius??? Tomatos, onion, feta cheese, olives… this is it!


  10. I stopped watching this video as soon as she said mustard. Who the hell uses mustard ? I'm Greek, that's not a Greek (horiatiki) Salad. WTF is going on here?? Stop ruining our salads

  11. i'm sorry but this is not an "Authentic Greek Salad". i'm from Greece and we don't put any mustard or garlic in the salad!! the right ingredients are: tomatoes, cucumber, olives, olive oil, peppers, feta, oregano, salt and pepper! nothing else!! just that!

  12. Looks delicious. It helps if you give the measurements of each ingredient. Stating, "a little of … really doesn't help a beginner like myself.