Talking about how my friends, family and boys reacted to my weight loss. Also, how i feel and how i’m doing. (by Scola Dondo )

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  1. i weigh 140 pounds and im trying to lose 30 pound and eveytime i look on the scale my weight is the same never changes i feel so uncomfortable in my body i just wanna lose weight and feel happy

  2. You are a cool person …and thank for making this video . I had lost weight before and failed at a few things and gained all the weight back plus some and now trying to lose it again. I'm proud to see on your videos today that you still have the weight off . Thanks again

  3. OMG after weeks of trying to find your youtube channel i finally found it i'm actually so happy. i found your channel a few years back and i deleted my old account and couldn't remember your channel name

  4. Just bought a treadmill and just can't seem to get it together in my head,I can't get out of bed,I'm looking for someone in east London Stratford side who is not ready for the scary looks in the gym to be my workout buddy at home and share my brand new shiny machine.

  5. I wish you lose weight.. My dad had stroke 3 years and I had to quit my job but this year I got a new job and it's in the health industry and I wish to live healthy and to look good in my uniform .. Not only that I wish to stop smoking. Due to my dad conditions I smoke to deal with the pain. Please help