Wendy dishes about her interview with Ebony editor, Kierna Mayo and reveals her weight-loss secrets.



  1. *I loved this guidebook 👀 t.co/ub2dbJ59j6 👀 . It teaches the pre skills necessary to learn before even trying to lose weight, and do helps to prevent self-sabotage. For the first time ever, at age 42, I am leaving food on my plate…I tell myself, "I can have more later". I actually stop eating when I am no longer hungry. Sounds simple, but I have never had hunger be the guiding light to my eating. It was for pleasure, or to stuff feelings. I enjoy my food more and eat more slowly. I no longer seek to get as much food as possible in before I make myself stop! No more guilt and shaming! This is good research, and very clearly presen

  2. This video is definitely wonderful! It helps me recall of times when my spouse used Fenoboci Diet Plan to get rid of 17 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most of us would like to lose fat, but we also require to remain healthy and balanced, and that is what Fenoboci Diet Plan gifted.

  3. lol.. you sound like me.. I lost 100 lbs.. I morn all the food i do not eat anymore.. like someone who passed away..I do miss them.. but no food tastes as good as thin feels!!!!

  4. So are you vegan or what, what does your diet consist of, veggies, fruit and fish basically? With the change in my metabolism I started gaining weight and I've NEVER been a foodie or even eat much

  5. I had my first heart attack at 34. I was very fit and thin, but had lupus. Know the signs and make your voice heard if you know something is wrong. Don't assume it's nothing because you are fit and thin.

  6. go vegan people its the easiest way to lose weight you don't need to be hungry to lose weight 😉 I should know ive lost weight eating whatever I want including ooils lol but go high carb low fat vegan for the best results <3

  7. I dont think wendy like plus size people women especially bc when she make comments about a plus size women its almost like she is fat shaming them bc I guess she lost the weight but I find it very ignorant of her she have plus size people sitting in her audience all of the time and I wonder do they know that or they just dont care the platform she has she should tell women to be healthy inside and to love themselves and be the most positive woman she could be

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