Dropped the sandwich this week! Here is what he had (-:

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  1. LOVE your lunch videos!! Sharing them with my Facebook audience and linking back here to you…. thank you!! – Kelly Lester

  2. As a teacher it is so nice to see a mother packing an actual healthy lunch! I can't tell you how much crappy- unhealthy lunches and "lunchables" I have seen over the years. It drives me crazy, are these parents that ignorant or just don't care and want convince. Not saying you need to spend a ton of money and pack all organic. But packing a balanced healthy lunch is not rocket science, and if you introduce kids to healthy foods in fun and creative ways they will get excited about it.

  3. I love that your sons eat a variety of foods, maybe if you change up some the lunches once in a while he would eat more.I do so love your videos.

  4. Idk if you watch erinandbaby but she made a lunch video where she used pretzel sticks through meat and cheese you wouldn't have to cut toothpicks lol

  5. Lol "don't pack them "
    love these videos I need all the ideas I can get for my picky eater .. I have one that was anything but Mason oh dear I have no idea how he is even alive ..

  6. I'm a 22 year old woman with no kids and love your videos. Would love you to do more day in the life videos and Q&A ! I'm just wondering in your lunch videos, why are they so boring ? I do not mean it in no mean way, I just think you could make them a bit more different than always same food. Healthy food can be so much more fun then these. Like if u make sandwiches, they could have avocados, goat cheese, tomatoes etc not just cheese and ham…so american ๐Ÿ˜€ Sure your boys would eat more too !

  7. Thanks for mentioning the Easy Lunch containers! I ordered a few yesterday from amazon and excited to use your lunch ideas as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. where did you get the containers you put his turkey and cheese in?
    we also have the easy lunchbox containers and I need those smaller ones for our homemade lunchables!