9 Easy Breakfast Recipes 2017 – Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Best Recipes Video
1.Breakfast Mac ‘n’ Cheese:
2. Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread:
3. Chocolate-Filled Donut:
4. Country Ham With Red-Eye Gravy:
5. Nutella Banana Pancakes:
6. Spaghetti Squash Fritters:
7. 4 Simple and Healthy Pancakes:
8.Sakura Anpan (Adzuki Bean Paste Bread):

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  1. Where are the f**** ingredients you got so caught up in the music you forgot to write down the ingredients. That's what this stupid new music does to you makes you all party emotional and retarted.

  2. How can you put so many LIES in one title!?!?!

    The pancake ones were nice tho. Not the nutela one tho; I just don't like that stuff. >_>

  3. Chocolate filled donut and Nutella banana pancakes are very healthy for sure. YouTube should remove these kind of obviously misleading videos.

  4. Okay so.
    1) these seem awesome but definitely not healthy. I'm not against carbs (apart from sugar) but these are Tons of unnecessary carbs combined in one meal.
    2) breakfast? Mac n cheese in itself is not a breakfast, and you even added meat and potatoes, who eats that for breakfast?
    3) these are far away from easy and quick. Anything that's over 15 minutes to make is barely a breakfast but definitely not a quick n easy one.

  5. Are you serious who eats those for breakfast?
    Ok sorry I had to see the ehole video before saying that ….but the first two are lunches

  6. I agree with the other ppl; these are not healthy recipes…If I make them vegan they will be…Ha ha..ty for the recipes..