After months of being asked, I have decided to upload another video on my channel. In this video, I am talking about how to stay motivated during weight loss. These are the tips that worked for me, hopefully they work for you too!

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  1. Really helpful video. I have a few different chronic pain issues and after a few really bad bouts of depression, I completely stopped taking care of myself and ended up in the hospital after living like the grand parents from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for a few months. So I need motivation, I bought an exercise guide and it started well but I need to modify almost every exercise so I don't hurt myself, so it's super frustrating. But I learned to love the "good pain" in physical therapy and feeling how much stronger I was becoming. So I gotta get back to it. Also, I'm loving all your videos and your Instagram.

  2. I haven't gone to a theme park in about 15 years because I'm afraid of not fitting in a rollercoaster seat. When I fly, I pick a window seat and shove myself as far against the window as possible because I can see how miserable the people who have to sit next to me are. I can see their faces drop when they walk toward the seat and realize they have to sit next to me.

    So #relatable 😣

  3. (((Don’t Miss Free Source 👀 t.co/zi1zZfqGT5 👀 ))) is a miracle for me. No bingeing for a while. A few mistakes of over eating a little, yes, but nothing like before. And no junk food, or eating for eating's sake. Tons of free support as well. I started the method before even finishing the guide. If you're having problems like what I've described, you can't afford not to get this guide. Keep an open mind, it can change your life, so simple but effective!

  4. You are so entertaining & know what worked for you. You are a professional at that & no one can ever tell u what u already know, cuz u lived it! I had a similar story to yours but was doing it for all the wrong reasons. Like seeking other people's love & approval. 1 man in particular. When our relationship fell apart so did my motivation & I ended up gaining back big time. So keep telling your story & truth cuz it will help more people than you know. Including me 👍🏻💚

  5. Wise words, exercise is indeed about prioritizing your health. So many things will try to get in the way of your health like work, etc but don't let them because when you put health as your first priority the rest will follow.

  6. God damn you are so relatable. I want to get healthy and lose weight but like a lot of the videos I watch are just off putting them I found your channel and just YAS bitch thank you

  7. Literally bride's maid dresses is the reason I'm here. My cousin is getting married in 10 months and I'm a bride's maid so I want to look good. I'm not obese, but I'm definitely uncomfortable with my soft body so toning up is a major priority for me right now.

  8. ppl are not always fat for over eating sometimes it is because they never move ever / i been going back and forth with my weight i lost some or i would put it back on and not all fat ppl even get diabetes u can be any size it will happen i mostly need sugar sometimes because i have black outs it like passing out if i stand for to long or get to hot in a room.

  9. This is awesome…like I said…I did lose my weight; all of 25 lbs with mostly potatoes too…I ate other vegetables too that I roasted with the potato pieces that I ate…I used a tiny bit of oil on my fries..after I lost all of my weight because the potatoes crisp better that way & I feel I need a bit of oil in my diet…I eat a lot of avocado's daily with just salt & pepper…I can now eat toast with peanut butter but its the butter w/o sugar & only two ingredients…in it…I ate a couple pieces of pizza at a friends house & my whole body flipped out by the cheese in it..I didn't go to the bathroom as much the next day & I realize that I can't eat anything meat or meat ingredients at all…You might want to check this out as well….I now am so slim at 138 lbs…5'5" …How tall are you? I have very muscular calves..I have trouble fitting into skinny jeans that fit my other parts of my body…cause my calves are so big…Good luck to you..Your are beautiful…

  10. Shout out to all the fat girls who had to take the walk of shame when told the rollercoaster harness would not fit them! MOST MORTIFYING MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! I FUCKING DIED!