Here are 6 delicious and nutritious Tea Recipes, using commonly used Chinese herbs~ I major in Chinese medicine, therefore Im briefly explaining what Chinese medicine is. I hope you like the recipes as much I do. Remember to take them at your own risk and listen to your body when taking them. (Our channel is about us as an interracial couple, Korean boyfriend and Colombian-American Girlfriend.)

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  1. Thank you so much for this video Aileen! I was dying to see a video on Chinese medicine as I do not know alot about it / how patients are treated etc. It waas fascinating hearing you speak about it. Thank you again x Mel, Australia

  2. I just found out about your channel today and i love it!!!!! I literally went back and watched all your videos im a fan!!! And i was just wandering how old you were? :))

  3. oh, i was waiting for this video.. i like you teach us some of your major.. i am biologist and i am very intresting for these subjects. we love you.. good wishes. thank you.

  4. I definitely want to try some of those, especially the first one. They sound good. And Chinese medicine is really fascinating to me. I watched the Chinese drama 'Imperial Doctress' and they cured people by looking at their tongue, their stools, and by taking people's pulse, just like u talked about. I thought maybe some of it was just for tv, but now that I know it's real, I'm really curious to learn more! That's pretty impressive.

  5. hay, from new jersey! Do you think you think you can ever do a video on how you keep your skin clear or just easy do- it -yourself methods on keeping healthy and having nice skin? 🙂

  6. Aileen!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 This is a great video. Thank you for posting this!!!! 🙂 btw, Where do you buy black raisins in the US??

  7. Que interesante es la medicina china! Voy a ver si hay algunos de esos ingredientes en el mercado oriental cerca de mi casa y tratare de probarlos 😉 gracias por compartir esta información

  8. Hi Aileen @oneworld2hearts❣️❣️ I didn't know that you guys are already back from Korea and I pray all went well for both of you. Those tea recipes sound great and I'm considering to see an Herbal doctor for a change cuz I really find your Chinese Medicine career very interesting and how I wish I had known this back when I was in HS where everyone is planning what career they want to get into – probably would have pick Chinese Medicine due to its natural way of healing. But I'm already too old (48) and don't really have much time for schooling as I'm still raising/caring for my children as a stay-at-home Okāsan. But I surely would like to get a book of tea recipes for natural healing and if you have any books in mind you can suggest for me to get will surely appreciate it.

    By the way, Sweetie… You did great sharing your tea recipes and their purposes. You've always been great vlogging as well so, don't worry too much, k? I really enjoy and love all your videos❤️… God bless, JZielle

  9. Do you enjoy drinking Teas? (Btw If you try any of these tea recipes, i would love to know what you think about them? Are they delicious?)