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6 Date Night Dinners


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  1. Me: I will bet this food multiplied by the amount of girl friends I have
    Friend: deal
    Me: 6×0=0 (starts crying)
    1 like equals 1 date to eat with

  2. So for the first one, what do you do if the person you are making it for is lactose intolerant? I do not want to get him sick

  3. The music is very good! The clip too, but I just roll this only for the music sometimes. Does anybody know, what is the title of the music and of course who is the performer?

  4. So none of my friends really know how to cook and they are broke so now I can have them pay me to make them date night dinners and desserts

  5. God damn I have to stop watching theseee.. it's midnight and I have just healthy food in my fridge 😀  I'll just go to bed then, before I make any stupid decisions 😛

  6. “Date night dinners” bitch fuck you I want this every night by myself, I’m smart enough to know that if it’s date night my date probably finna steal some of my fuckin food and I’m not one to share.

  7. I don't find any new dishes in this channel. Same pasta, cheese, again and again. They club 4 videos and make a new one again

  8. More like 6 date rape dinners….. these dinners are designed for people who want to kill their man! Love is giving them healthy foods that still taste good

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