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In addition to this healthy breakfast ideas video, we’re showing you healthy and tasty lunch ideas on true foods so be sure to click the link above!

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  1. I completely love your guys’ channel!! I’ve been subscribed to you since the very beginning and the reason I love your channel so much is because you make the style of videos that I miss on YT. You know, the style of video that was popular in 2013/14. But if you guys genuinely aren’t happy with your channel and no longer want to create videos on here I totally understand. I want you guys to be happy and not to feel like you “have” to create these videos if you don’t want to. Especially if it no longer makes you happy. x

  2. I’ve been subscribed for 3 years since the beginning! The first video I saw was “Healthy Snack and Desert Ideas”. I immediately fell in love with this channel and I’ll always be a subscriber! Please don’t end this channel😭❤️

  3. Yes i know who you guys are! Ive been subscribed for a while and i love watching ur vids regularly and the style of ur videos and the throwback 2014 vibes/editing xoxo