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  1. I don't have a blender ;-; Me: MOM WE NEED TO GO BUY A BLLLLEEENNNNNDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!! Mom:Why?? Me:Why do you eat toast , huh?? Because you love it and I love smoothies 😑

  2. Avocado is not that healthy as some people think. It has very much fat. You should eat it 1 day every 2 week or make an avocado smoothie with a ripe banana if you like add some sugar

  3. I would not recommend using honey from your local grocery stores as those tend to have additives making the honey "unpure." Instead, use honey from a farmers market but if that is too much switch to agave nectar its really good.

  4. Am I the only one who hate peanut butter because it's so thick and gets into a weird big clump and it's hard to swallow and gets all over your mouth even after you finally get it down this sounds weird okay bye

  5. looks delish! I liked your video and subscribed to your channel. Please feel free to do the same. Our family is traveling across America in a <300 sq ft RV and would love to have you follow along.

  6. Ain vcs falam muiito rápido! Mas seria otimo se tivesse legenda para português Br. Amei essas receitas, é de dar água na boca😋 uma pena que não entendi nada😥😂

  7. I'd like to say, while watching this I noticed you said Greek yogurt when you were saying how to make the smoothies. The yogurt wasn't Greek, it's actually a 2 percent yogurt product, next time if you could successfully advertise things, do it so people know why there smoothie tasted diffrent then you made it look

  8. Too much sugar in those smoothies! Add some spinach, celery, cucumber. Just a little bit st a time! Now that's healthy. Is that ONE serving F eggs, avocado and toast? Lots of calories!

  9. My new semester is all about me being busy, i might dont have all the time to do this sometimes 😭 my class always starts at 8. Well well, guess i need to prep this a night before and freeze it?

  10. who else always says to themselves "im gonna wake up early and cook a healthy breakfat" but when u wake up u just lay in bed thinking about the lies u told urself

  11. i hate that i hate honey,every healthy recipe needs it and i can taste the smallest amount in just about anything. it doesn’t even taste sweet just tastes bad to me :((try eating some celery sticks with apple pieces and swearing a lil bit of peanut butter (your choice whether you wanna be extra healthy or not) as a snack when you want something a bit sweeter but healthy 🙂