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Hey Yall!
I am so happy that so many of you have joined the New Years Fitness Challenge #NYFC. Here of some tips that I have used that have helped me stayed motivated to reach my workout goals! What tips do you use to reach your fitness goals?

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  1. Vous etes Francais? That's awesome. Je suis Canadian, jhabite a Toronto. Ici cest notre langue secondaire…but I thought Americans didn't know French??

  2. When people eat cage free eggs it makes me laugh.. you’re still eating dead baby chicks and dead chicken regardless of if it’s cage free.. you care about how they are treated but yet you still support murder and eat them? Smfh. That’s what I call hypocrisy

  3. GIRL. Idk if you’ve done this already so imma look for it after I comment lol but can you give us a kitchen tour?! It seems that you have the best utensils and sets, from pots and pans to cutlery and Tupperware lol. Might seem silly, but I’m really interested! ❤️