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The reason many people don’t lose weight is because of mistakes they’re not aware of. Make sure you do everything you can to avoid these mistakes! If you do, you’ll lose weight effective and fast!

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  1. I've read a LOT of guide on binge-eating, dieting, weight-loss etc.. (((Don’t Miss Free Source 👀 ow.ly/ljqM30hhyms 👀 ))) is completely unique. It is not a diet plan, it's a mindset. There is nothing abusive about the writing, it's for men AND women. The answer to "how do I never binge again?" really is as simple as JUST DON'T DO IT. When I quit smoking, many people asked me how I did it, what method I used–did I use the patch, nicotine gum? My answer was always this "I just decided that I would not smoke". Was it hard sometimes? Of course! But if you are determined and want it badly enough, you WILL succeed. The rewards, simply from being in control of what I put in my body, are priceless. This guide is different from what's out there, and I urge you to keep your mind open and give it a chance.

  2. Following a colleague of mine used this diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) to eliminate 12 lbs, I actually figured out a lot about it. Therefore of course I read into detail about it on google.

  3. My close friend was the one who told me about the diet plan when she informed me how she dropped her weight. She was able to shed 17 pounds. Look into “sowo amazing plan” on google.

  4. i lost 12 kgs in 10 weeks and 17 kgs total,i was 105kgs 1.84cm in hight,now im 88kgs,ive been eating less and working out more,there were times where i ate too much but i made up for it afterwards.Its not easy getting used to eating less than half what you normally ate. İn my experince the first thing to do is cut out all sugar(i cheat once in a while 😉 and eat no bread,i used to eat so much bread,after leaving bread aside things changed a lot.Try eating more vegetables too.oh and working out is crutial,yuo need to start slow but increase the intensity bit by bit.I couldnt run on 9km/h on a tredmill, now i can run up to 17km/h,i could only wprk with 5kg dumbells now i use 12kgs.

  5. I burst my arse on a treadmill and lost nothing I did this for a long time . guess what ? I found my answer i do weights . I was 210 pounds now I'm 182 pounds and I'm pure ripped I got 7 women in the last 3 weeks . happy days 😜😎

  6. people think that they can lose weight and look young again. The truth is most of us go by our daily lives without worrying about other people's weight. It is easy to put on weight and lose it when your in your twenties and early thirties. But all though our lives our bodies change and there is very little you can do about losing weight once you're past a certain age.

  7. I disagree with the cardio part, personally for me I enjoy the long drawn out cardio (and have the time to do so), because I have an uncontrollable temper, so when I do that hour/ hour and a half of cycling on a stationary bike, I am instantly a better person to be around and have been achieving my weight loss goal.

  8. The starvation mode thing makes no sense. Shouldn't the body burn even more fat to keep you with energy, because ketosis? Isn't muscle the thing your body wants to protect? Oh and also, it has been proven that prolonged fasting actually boosts your metabolism a bit.