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Please watch: “झटपट बनाये शादी वाले कुरकुरे आलू बॉल्स Crispy Potato Balls | Potato Lollipop Recipe | Aloo Snacks”




  1. Very tasty recipe❤easy to make❤very tasty to eat….i tried it today and my parents were very happy for this recipe which i made

  2. mam mujhe apse puchna h jb hum chasni bnate h to kitna sugar lena chaiye or kitna water meri chasni theek nahi banti so plz give me tips….

  3. Thankyou so much for sharing this, ma'am 😊.I tried it today itself in the evening, and it turned out very yummy.

    keep up the good work 😊