Hey guys! Today I’m showing 4 hearty and delicious vegan lunch ideas perfect for taking to school or work. Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Been watching these videos for 15 minutes; kept clicking through to this channel without thinking about it. Now subscribed.

    I'm sure it's been said a thousand times over but: Best food prep videos I've seen in a long time, great inspiration, and I love that you included links to your tools as well. Thank you!

  2. I've made the decision to go vegan. Was worried I wouldn't find much nice meals to eat but I found your channel and now I'm happy. Well done

  3. Gear video! I love your channel! I have the black meal prep containers with the see through lid, but where did u find those that u have in this video? I would really love to have some like that. I'm new to your channel so I forget to look for the info that u post concerning the things that u use in your videos. If it's not there would u plz message me and let me know where u got them? Thanks so much. I love your recipes and I'm not even vegan. U are an asset to me for bettering myself in my life. Stay blessed…👍☺

  4. The only thing I could take from
    This video is the beyond beef. It looks pretty Good. I can’t do the rest of the stuff!

  5. First off let me say Thank You!!! I had to go Vegan do to some unforeseen stomach issues and I was terrified. I only had soups for the 1st week, but seeing this and ur $30 week vegan shopping has really helped. I not only added u but made sure to get the notifications. Can’t wait to learn more. Thanks again!!

  6. Yes! Yesterday was my first complete day of not eating meat.. today I told my bf I want to make chili with no meat he said don't torture everybody so I was trying to figure out a way to make just a portion of chili for me and regular for the house.. I'm going to try this thank you