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3 Weight Loss Tips for beginner Cyclists.These are the best ways I have found to burn fat on the bicycle.Its not rocket science guys! Start with these simple tips and keep adding on, believe in the bike!

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Cycling Virgin Bio – I’m 32 years old. I live in Scottsdale AZ. I have been riding bicycles for the last 3 years after 10 years of doing absolutely zero physical activity. I am a normal guy trying to find my way to good health and maybe some speed on the bike. Follow me as I share with you everything I have learned to this point. From cycling VLOGS training and nutrition, to product reviews I will give you info from a NEW persons perspective into cycling.



  1. Like so many others have commented … this is really refreshing advice. I'm doing the cycling and not eating properly. As simple as your whole foods comment sounds I have not really considered it before. Can’t wait to give it and the intermittent fasting a try. I started at 230 and have plateaued at 210. I am 62 yrs of age and 6'1”. Started cycling due to genetic heart issues … 3 stents and a ballon and no heart attacks. Cardiologist says “I will see you again and you will need bypass surgery due to where your current blockages are located”. I ride fully monitored but would love to prove him wrong by getting healthier. I subscribed so I can see more of your videos.

  2. Good advice about keeping food simple our bodies operate much better with eating foods like that. I've never needed to lose weight in my life so I have no idea what people go through to totally change their diet. Great job for losing so much weight and it's amazing how fast you became a good cyclist. Keep up the good work and keep spinning!!

  3. Do you want to lose weight (belly fat) fast? Try intermittent fasting with a ketogenic diet and fasted cardio and watch the fat melt off. I started club riding 5 years ago as the fat guy always dangling off the back. Two seasons ago I transformed myself with those 3 steps (plus a new, lighter bike) and now i'm 40 pounds lighter and in the top 20% of our group rides.

  4. It's all energy balance. Figure out your TDEE and make sure you eat less than that and you'll lose weight. Cycling will increase your TDEE so it makes it that much easier to cut.

  5. Wow! Do you sereous about going without meal before the ride? Experienced ppl have meal before the ride and on the ride and after the ride. You loose some weight first of all because you canceled fast food, r u srious 2-3 times a day? I'v died from heart atack in few weeks. And second because sports activity. Dont fool ppls being hungry is best way to burn your muscle, not fat. But you must eat healthy food. And if you ride in a morning(best choice), biggest amount must be in a morning and less in evening. Going hungry to bed is one of a kind good method, but not for all.

  6. I worked my way down to 200 pounds from 225 pounds and am kind of stuck there right now. I am 6-foot two, and, while I want to get down to 185 or even 165 pounds, my body does not want me to! (I get really hungry as I try to go lower and end up gaining the weight right back). I'm going for a big 62-mile ride this weekend – wish me luck!

  7. I am glad I found this because I started three weeks ago and I first thought I needed to go at the pace of the other guys I saw racing by me. When I started I was somewhere between 280 and 295 now I am 274 that is just eating normally, all whole foods, I just completed a full 10 mile ride around the lake I live by, and lastly I have started incorporating 2 a days. These aren't brags just letting other ppl know it is possible . Brian thanks for the bit about not comparing yourself to others this will be the biggest obstacle any overweight person has to conquer.