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How we’d all love the excess inches on our waist to go away all by themselves… But wait! Don’t fret — it’s entirely possible!
Bright Side has found several alternative ways to lose those extra pounds without going to the gym or dieting like crazy.


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  1. My buddies first introduced me on the diet plan "fizy amazing plan", i googled it. I actually first learned about it from my colleagues and I can`t feel how much it has transformed my life. I have dropped 18 lbs so far and I feel excellent.

  2. Guys need to learn that you should have a balanced diet with a recommended amount based on your weight and the right amount of excersize everyday. If u gain weight then eat less if u loose weight eat more.

  3. I’m sorry, but you want me to take 3-4 minutes in BURNING hot water to me, and then 40 seconds in FREEZING water? And than repeat that? 3-4 TIMES. I’m sorry, but I don’t take a 12 minute shower.